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What to wear with a hoodie?Most tradespeople will spend a lot or a little time working on their knees.  From kneeling to fit floors, bending and standing several times a day, you need to be comfortable in your workwear and also have the kneepad protection to prevent damaging your knees long term. 

Snickers Workwear kneepads insert

You need to find the perfect fit for you, and things to consider when looking for suitable knee pads can include: 

  • If you have to pull or rearrange your trouser leg to move the kneepad into the right position. 
  • When buying new workwear trousers, make sure to test them standing and bending, to make sure everything lines up! 
  • Make sure the knee pads are right for the trousers! 

Of course, not everyone is the same, not every trade or indeed project is the same either.  That’s why you will find that not every knee pad has been designed to be the same. 

For example, do you work inside most of the time and only kneel down occasionally?  In these instances, flexible and light kneepad would be the best choice. Something that won’t bother you while you work but offers you some level of protection when you kneel down. 

Or maybe you bend down more than occasionally but still not all the time?  Here we would recommend a general all-rounder kneepad. Offering great protection and flexibility, but again not designed for heavy use. 

Then finally, those that are on their knees for long periods of time, heavy duty knee pads are definitely the way to go.  Providing the ultimate in impact protection, make sure to look for kneepads with shock absorbing qualities, as well as a kneepad that will stay in place all day, offering little movement and maximum cushioning. 

Kneepads for Snickers Workwear 

Snickers Workwear is a renowned workwear brand that people trust.  They develop workwear that is not only completely apt, but it has also been tried and tested.  Their range of kneepads and the Snickers knee pad inserts is a testament to this. 

With unique design characteristics, rest assured that there is a wide selection of Snickers workwear knee pads to choose from. 

For example, the Snickers XTR D30 knee pads with shock absorbing material, 9191, provide complete flexibility when working, while remaining tough on impact.  These active knee pads are for active craftsmen, offering extreme protection and complete durability.  The shock absorbers also help the kneepads to keep their shape and last twice as long as any other pads out there.  

The Snickers Craftsmen Kneepads 9110 is ideal for those who work a lot on their knees.  Efficient and comfortable these hard wearing knee pads are durable on the outside with a softer inside to offer maximum comfort and excellent cut protection.  The high sides also prevent the knee from sliding off the kneepad, making sure that it closes around the knee when bending. 

Snickers Floor layer Knee Pads, 9118, are knee pads that not only keep their shape, but they don’t move around while you work, holding their position at all times.  The polyethylene beads make these kneepads light and breathable and are best suited to the Snickers Workwear Floor Layers Trousers. 

Snickers Workwear D30 Lite Craftsmen Kneepads, 9112 are cushioned for ultimate comfort and protection.  These kneepads are designed in high-tech D30 Lite material, ensuring ventilation, cut protection, and maximum comfort.  The advanced injection-moulded design makes them reliable and long lasting. They also have a pre-bent design and air channels, making these knee pads close around the knee for the perfect fit. 

All kneepads mentioned can be placed at different heights and fit into the knee pockets of all Snicker Workwear Trousers. 

Looking after your knee pads 

To help improve the lifespan of your knee pads and to keep the level of protection they offer high: 

  • Don’t wash your knee pads while they are still inside your trousers!  
  • Don’t use strong detergents or very hot water when washing – handwashing is the best option if possible. 
  • Replace your kneepads when they’re flat or when they aren’t offering you the same level of protection anymore.  Those with cracks, tears or those that don’t spring back into shape should be replaced as soon as possible. 

Snickers Workwear offers attention to detail as well as protection and versatility for any craft.   


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