Portwest branded workwear clothing

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More and more businesses today opt for branded workwear for their employees, creating a uniformed and smart yet stylish look. 

Branded workwear has grown in the UK because it can make life so much simpler in some cases and for some companies!  Being able to identify your teams quickly and effectively, provide them with the level of protection required to safely carry out their job, promote your business further, and build brand recognition faster than ever before. 

Portwest branded workwear clothing

Ultimately, branded workwear gives your business a stronger sense of identity as well as a significant boost to employee morale and productivity. 

Benefits of branded clothing 

Increased productivity and well being 

Knowing that you're wearing the company badge and uniform adds a level of responsibility for many employees. Hence, how they then present themselves and conduct themselves while wearing the uniform can change for the better. 

It provides a degree of accountability, knowing that you're representing someone other than yourself. The reason compels employees to work harder, increasing productivity two-fold. 

Research also shows that being smartly dressed makes you want to work harder, as branded uniforms make people feel more connected with the business. 

Helps get people in the right mindset 

Standard work uniforms help to put people in the right mindset—a work mindset.  Where once the uniform is on, work mode is also switched on, and the day has begun. 

Making sure you keep your employees happy is just as important as keeping your customers happy, and fortunately, branded workwear can be part of the answer to help achieve this. 

Helps people feel part of the team 

Providing your teams with quality workwear helps to set a president.  It shows you care about your employee's comfort and wellbeing, building a culture of belonging, and helping to boost morale. 

However, you must choose the right uniform for your employees as nothing demotivates people more and has them running for the hills than a drab and uncomfortable outfit. 

(Make sure to check out Portwest workwear, a world-renowned supplier of safety clothing and branded workwear options). 

Increases brand visibility 

Branded uniforms allow your customers to identify your teams quickly and easily, distinguishing them from Joe Bloggs in an instant. 

In this sense, you can continuously be promoting your brand and building recognition of your logo, company colours, and even strapline.  What also works well, and we recommend, it is easy to remember the phone number or website address for people to call or visit when they get home. 

Ultimately, it is a great and cost-effective way of advertising your business.  Your employees interact and meet people every day, so it's an ideal opportunity to get your brand out there and create some true brand ambassadors. 

Provides a sense of unity 

Employees feel a sense of unity when all are wearing the same uniform.  A kind of "in it together" feeling.  Promoting teamwork and a way to show how everyone is pulling together for the same common interests. 

It also puts everyone on a level and equal playing field, helping to build relationships, again leading to increased productivity. 

You should consult with your team before ordering new equipment, as the more employees feel on board with the process, the easier the task of implementing branded workwear will be. 

No dress code requirements 

As an employer, you no longer have to worry about dress codes or ask someone to go home and change because what they are wearing is inappropriate. 

Branded uniforms and standard workwear solve all of these problems and more! 

Meets health and safety requirements 

Ensuring your team can be quickly identified plays a big part in keeping them safe.  This aspect also helps you to identify anyone on your side who isn't staff and who really shouldn't be there. 

Different types of workwear can also provide the required levels of protection for the job your employees do, reducing the number of risks and accidents from occurring, i.e., hi-vis workwear, thermal workwear, flame retardant clothing, Portwest overalls, etc. 

When we start and think about branding and how your company is represented, it becomes vital that you choose quality workwear.  Even making it part of your marketing strategy to help boost its importance within the company. 

At Active Workwear, we offer an extensive range of quality Portwest clothing and safety equipment, making us well placed to meet all of your needs and specifications. 

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