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What would you search for?

When looking for trousers to wear for work, what do you look for when searching online – is it Brand, Price, delivery or actual specifics for the trousers you want?

Usually shoppers will only use around 2-4 keywords when searching for products on Google.  With that being the case, it is generally down to you the shopper to then browse an actual website for other specifics.

I decided to check this out regarding searching Google for keywords and brands.


Searching Google for Trouser Keywords

Using Google Keyword Planner, I found that the highest general searches are as such:

Work Trousers

On there are approx. 12,000 searches a month.

Lots of other unique keywords were found which included: Men's work trousers, women’s work trousers, ladies work trousers, work trousers sale, work trousers brands, cheapest work trousers, work trousers eBay.

Overall, there were almost 400 possible keyword combinations that are being used.

Workwear Trousers

Surprisingly, not as high as I would have thought with only approx. 2,000 searches a month.

Only 175 unique combinations with men’s workwear trousers, ladies workwear trousers, amazon workwear trousers and workwear trousers UK being the top ones.

Work Trousers with Kneepads

Quite unexpected again to only see around 25 searches per month with only 90 possible combinations with ‘work pants with knee pads’  being the only other major search.

 It then seems that other than searching for trousers with 3 or more keywords ‘Work Trousers’ is by far the highest search term.

Searching Google for Brands of Work Trousers

Ok, so I thought I would look for brands on Google that are on our website and include our top 3 best sellers.

Video: Snickers Trousers

Well, approx. 2,000 searches per month with around 200 combinations. Strangely enough the highest search seemed to be for Snickers Trousers Size Chart being the most prominent. I did find a couple of forums asking about the brand and giving opinions. It seems Snickers have the market in the UK for Work Trousers

Video: Blaklader Trousers

For Blaklader the keyword ‘Crafstman’ is the top search along with the European word for trousers ‘Pants’. Only 50 combinations. Personally, I find these trousers an exceptional alternative to Snickers.

This is one of our best sellers and I am actually surprised at the unique keywords and searches on with approx. 720 searches a month and the highest keywords being ‘Apache Trousers Reviews’.

Unless I pay a sum for specific analytics I’m guessing we will never really know what truly works. However, I’m still of the opinion that first time buyers will tend to look on eBay, amazon and Google shopping first, followed with highest ranked suppliers on Google. snickers ultimate trousers,snickers ultimate trousers 3212,cheap snickers trousers uk,snickers work trousers uk, snickers trousers sale uk,snicker work trousers saleheap snickers work trousers.

I’m sure repeat buyers will already know a supplier or brand and tend to look for cheaper prices, quicker delivery or a combination of both.

Would love your opinions

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