Nothing but maximum comfort, flexibility, and convenience – New, Snickers Stretch Trousers

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Snickers Workwear is well known throughout various trades for offering great durability and robust products – and their latest, innovative flexiwork stretch trousers do not disappoint! 

Styled in a slimline fit, these workwear trousers ensure complete working mobility, so the wearer's movement is never affected no matter what job you're carrying out. 

Nothing but maximum comfort, flexibility, and convenience – New, Snickers Stretch Trousers

Labelled as a softshell trouser, Snickers have used body-mapping designs, matched with hi-tech fabric in their latest flexiwork trousers. 

Meeting continued demand from those demanding more from their workwear, these particular Snickers work trousers offer a new four-way stretch in soft fabrics with the clear focus on delivering comfort, while most importantly, being 100% practical and versatile. 

With improved ventilation, wearers will immediately notice a positive difference with this range for workwear. 

Workwear that isn't restrictive 

Being able to move freely, to bend, to pick up tools, stretch, and carry out business as usual, are just some of the many reasons why workers need workwear that is flexible but robust. 

Flexible to keep the movement, but robust as workwear will still be subject to certain conditions depending on the job role that it needs to withstand.  Workwear that lasts longer than your average daily pieces almost becomes a necessary must not a nice to have! 

The new Snickers workwear stretch trousers offer a great fit, and as workwear pieces go, they're also great value for money. 

Most advanced work trousers around 

It might seem strange to say, but having the right work trouser can mean everything – it can especially help make your life more comfortable while at work! 

That's why the latest Snickers hi-spec trouser is proven to be such a hit. 

The style of these trousers has a different appeal to standard workwear trousers as they not only look much better due to their slim-tailored fit; they also help protect further from snagging incidents occurring. 

This greater flexibility, durability, and comfort are also proven in the fabric. The brand has used Armortex Kevlar reinforced stretch fabric in the KneeGuard Pro systems – an excellent and innovative choice. 

Taking work trousers, and stretch trousers, to a whole new level of comfort and with increased freedom of movement, Snickers has a range that now has something suitable for everyone. 

For example, the loose fit Allroundwork stretch trouser provides the classic Snickers workwear look.  Whereas the denim work trouser helps to add a touch of style and streetwear to the image. 

There's also the RUFFwork canvas in a regular fit, designed more as a heavy-duty trouser. The ladies all-round work stretch trouser that is designed with a narrower waist offering maximum comfort and again great freedom of movement. 

However, for a more modern cut trouser, that is designed for everyday use often worn in demanding environments, then the Snickers Flexiwork trouser is the one for you! 

Features worth knowing about! 

Stretchy work trousers are smart.  They not only move with you; they feature a slimmer design that looks cleaner and offers a more professional look. 

Available in a range of colours and of course sizes, these stretch workwear trousers also come with: 

  • Holster pockets 
  • Stretch Cordura at the knees (providing increased comfort, flexibility, and durability) 
  • Expansion pleats with advanced KneeGuard Pro (keeping knee pads in the correct position at all times, offering optimal protection) 
  • Pre-bent better fitting legs 
  • Velcro tool holder 
  • Cargo pockets, and a 
  • Ruler Pocket also featuring a knife fastener. 

(It's important to note that as these trousers are designed around a slimmer fit, some customers have ordered a larger size; however, this is a personal preference.) 

Getting the job done 

For those who need just to get on and get the job done, Snickers workwear can offer you all the flexibility and comfort you need. 

Snickers have a wide range of workwear, with high vis options, waterproofs, stretch trousers, slimline workwear, and more.  It is a brand that never rests on its laurels and continues to innovate the marketplace with new products suitable for various roles within a range of multiple industries. 

From the new Snickers stretch trousers and more, check out Snicker's full range at Active Workwear or call our team on 0113 256 7021 if you want any further information.

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