Helly Hansen Workwear HH Work Wear

Helly Hansen Workwear HH Work Wear

Helly Hansen Workwear is a trusted brand of Workwear whether you are a tradesmen or work in the service industry an electrician, plumber or a builder Helly Hansen has the workwear garment for you.

Our Helly Hansen workwear range features some of the top designs from this world-renowned Helly Hansen brand. Founded with an aim to create comfortable and resilient clothing, Helly Hansen workwear is the ideal choice to maintain safety and protection in the workplace.

Workwear solutions designed through innovative technology. 

Helly Hansen is a trusted brand for workwear, continually developing professional work clothing that helps people feel and stay alive. 

With a long list of first to market innovations such as the introduction of the first supple waterproof fabrics, the first fleece fabrics and the first in technical base layers; workwear by Helly Hansen is designed for everyone. 

From supplying tradesmen and women, electricians, plumbers, builders and more, Helly Hansen has workwear suitable for all industries, and trust us when we say, that at Active Workwear we offer work clothing that’s just right for you. 

We feature the latest designs and safety clothing from the Helly Hansen range, and the reason we stock this brand is because it has been tried, tested and developed after insights drawn from some of the harshest conditions.  

Offering comfortable and resilient clothing that is also practical and stylish, if you’re looking to maintain safety and protection in the workplace than look no further than the Helly Hansen workwear range. 

Focused on design with clothing that remains functional 

From work trousers to padded hi-vis jackets, fleece-lined weather-resistant coats to hi-vis safety boots, you can use our filter capacity to narrow down your search and find exactly what you’re looking for within the Helly Hansen workwear range. 

There’s also the facility on our site to chat with us via Facebook if you have further questions or would like any information on any of our products. 

For the very best in waterproof workwear, renowned for over 140 years, Helly Hansen coats and padded jackets offer you the ultimate protection and safety, no matter what industry you work in. 

Innovative workwear solutions 

Innovation, continually developing their products to suit the needs of workers, the environment, as well as the changes in advancements in technology have all led to Helly Hansen firmly establishing itself as one of the leading workwear brands across the globe. 

Initially designed for fisherman to withstand the harsh elements of the sea, the Helly Hansen clothing brand now works with the leisure and sports industries, bringing market designs and technology to everyday clothing. 

Developments within the brand has seen innovations such as, Helly tech – the waterproof, windproof, and breathable material technology that is now found in several designs and workwear pieces.  

And the LIFA Base Layer – a technology that continues to evolve as the best technical base layer to this day. 

These advances in technology have allowed for the Helly Hansen brand to remain as the top workwear brand, offering functionality and practicality to all craftsmen when it comes to the best and most appropriate workwear around. 

Selected Helly Hansen products 

HH Rain Jacket 

One of Helly Hansen’s first innovations started with the waterproof jacket, and over the brand's 140-year reign the waterproof jacket has continued to evolve; offering workwear that is windproof and waterproof, keeping those on sites protected at all times. 

Featuring Helox+ technology, welded seams, mechanical venting back welded on pockets, and storm flaps, these workwear jackets ensure full weather protection and freedom of movement. 

HH LIFA Baselayer 

The Helly Hansen base layer features the modern HH Dry construction, offering extremely breathable and super-lightweight performance, providing moisture management and comfort that is perfect for everyday use. 

Offering durability and workwear that works with you. 

HH Work pants 

Reinforced with versatility in mind, Helly Hansen work pants offer plastic covered metal buttons with thigh pockets with flaps for accessories and tools – making them extremely practical and handy, allowing you to have everything you need to hand as well as keeping it safe and secure. 

These work pants also include two back pockets, one with flap and Velcro closures, ruler pocket and a broad centre back belt loop for extra stability and strength.  Additionally, these work trousers are reinforced at the knee and bottom leg, with the knee pad able to be adjusted for a better fit. Work Trousers and trousers for workwear

HH Bibs 

These heat and flame protection workwear bibs offer the freedom of movement and an excellent fit while maintaining the durability, protection, and comfort that lasts. 

The waterproof fabric and construction also come with an inner chest pocket with zipper as well as a chest pocket with flap and Velcro closure, and thigh pocket with flap for accessories/tools, allowing you to reach compartments with ease and convenience. 

These HH bibs also come with knee pad pockets, accessible from the inside

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