4 Simple Reasons Why Safety Boots are Vital for Any Workforce

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Busy workplaces can be tough; they can be full of hazards that can potentially put you or your colleagues in imminent danger. Being able to protect yourself from these hazards can prevent accidents and injuries happening to various areas of your body; here at Active Workwear we promote all items of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for you and your workforce, but today, we will be discussing the 4 reasons why safety boots bought from us are vital for protecting your workforce as they go about their day. Perhaps your business handles heavy materials regularly, perhaps you need to protect your colleagues from burning themselves or slipping on unstable surfaces; regardless of your need, at Active Workwear, you’ll find our safety work boots are perfect for your needs.

Impact Protection

One of the most popular reasons for purchasing Workwear Boots is to protect the user’s feet from impact damage. If you or your colleagues are handling heavy materials, having safety boots with composite toe caps or steel toe caps can protect the delicate array of bones in the foot from breaks. Being able to provide yourself or your employees with pull on safety boots or workwear boots that protect the feet from impacts can reduce impact accidents in the workplace and allow the job to carry on without a hitch.

Working in Extreme Conditions

Extreme weathers can be difficult to work in at the best of times but we offer the ability to put a buffer against extreme weather conditions with a pair of our waterproof safety boots. Waterproof safety boots cannot only prevent water from entering the boots, but they can also safeguard from the extra cold that comes with wet feet. Hardy materials such as leather or rubber can prevent the cold from getting at your workers feet and can keep them working for longer.

Health and Safety Regulation

Keeping the Health and Safety Executive in mind is always an important consideration for any employer and, indeed, any employee. The Health and Safety Executive recommends sturdy safety work boots with protective toecaps made from penetration-resistant materials, so hazards such as cuts, punctures, chemical splashes, vehicles and extreme weather conditions can be protected against at the workplace. Following the Health and Safety Executive guidance when it comes to protecting your employees with waterproof safety boots can go a long way towards protecting your employees from accidents and yourself from legal ramifications.

Joint Support and Physical Wellbeing

Exertion on areas of your feet like your ankles or extending with your toes can cause pain and injury over extended periods of time. To prevent this, metatarsal safety boots can provide impact and puncture protection for your feet, but they also offer support for the ankle joints, the heel and the toes, because they are made with flexible but sturdy materials. Ensuring your feet are comfortable whilst working can extend the period of time you need before having a rest and they can also provide relief from joint pain and fatigue.

Our Range of Safety Work Boots

Here at Active Workwear we provide an array of different safety work boots, which are perfect for a multitude of different working environments. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, on a construction site or on a workshop floor, our workwear boots can provide brilliant protection against any hazards you might face.

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