Why Should You Invest in PPE?

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Any work environment, be it construction, industrial or even an administration setting, can pose genuine health and safety risks to the people that use it. Currently, Health and Safety regulations are in place to enforce stringent training, procedures and supervision to ensure employees and employers work safely and responsibly. However, situations may arise where hazards could remain, which is why Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is vital to ensuring the safety of you or your colleagues. There is a variety of diverse types of Personal Safety Protection Equipment, which include ear protection, eye protection, hand protection, head protection and protection from heat or respiratory risks, each area protecting the user from various hazards that they could come across in the workplace.

Adequate head, face and respiratory protection can protect the user in both industrial and construction environments. When moving heavy items, such as beams or other construction materials, it’s vital that everyone onsite uses a hard hat to protect their heads from falling debris. In the same way, if visitors enter any construction site it’s vital that they are also provided with temporary Personal Protection Equipment from these dangers, as they may not provide their own. In both industrial settings and construction settings, adequate Personal Safety Protection Equipment could protect the user from intentional or accidental chemical sprays, flying sparks, metal or wooden splinters and dust, as well as gases or aerated paints sprayed onto products; ensuring adequate eye, nose and mouth Personal Protection Equipment can protect the user from long-term lung problems from breathing in contaminated air or potential blindness from particles or chemicals.

In much the same way, using Personal Safety Protection Equipment to cover the torso, hands, arms and legs can be vital. Purchasing gloves to protect hands when moving timber, stone and bricks can mean fewer accidents and less trips to a first aid station; having overalls and boiler suits that are either fire retardant or resistant to corrosive materials can ensure safety when handling chemicals, or working in environments that may potentially involve heat. Personal Protection Equipment for workers ears can also be very effective in reducing hearing loss over the long-term when working in loud working environments. As well as protecting the user, having disposable clothing to protect the integrity of a workspace, to reduce dust contamination in paint workshops or other manufacturers where reducing particulate contamination, can be vital to the overall finish or accuracy of manufacture.

If you’re looking to invest in Personal Protection Equipment for either yourself or your colleagues, here at Active Workwear we supply a range of assorted products that provide head to toe protection. We supply disposable PPE; ear, eye and respiratory protection; fire retardant PPE; hand protection; head protection; skin care and other miscellaneous products such as first aid and safety signs. The cost of investing in Personal Safety Protection Equipment far outweighs the risks that come with not being properly prepared so, if you’re looking to purchase these products today, be sure to check out our range so you can find the perfect protection for you or your employees today!

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