Workwear Trousers: Why Choosing Quality Matters

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Hard working, tough, strong and durable - all qualities of a professional contractor; they need to be if they’re working in a construction environment. But those qualities don’t just stop there; what a contractor, or even a home DIY enthusiast, must ensure is that they’re wearing suitable clothing to fit the job that they are doing. Having workwear that can go the distance can save you money on constantly replacing clothing, can keep you comfortable on the job and can also keep you safe. It is not widely known that, according to UK regulations, specifically the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations (2002) and the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1992), employers must ensure that employees are wearing adequate workwear that will protect the user against health or safety risks at wear; this includes adequate workwear trousers. If you’re working on a professional contracting job you must ensure you’re wearing adequate clothes to protect yourself.

The Benefits

Wearing workwear trousers provides comfort and flexibility when doing strenuous jobs; as long as they fit you correctly, they won’t get in the way and will provide a level of warmth and a degree of luxury if you’re in a particularly tough environment, such as working outdoors or in buildings exposed to the cold. The flexibility also allows bending, movement and lifting without the risk of tears. Having workwear trousers adorned with kneepads also gives you extra support and comfort, as well as reducing the risk of injury, if you’re working on a job that’s low to the floor. Workwear trousers can also provide extra storage space whilst working; there’s nothing worse than having to constantly move away from your work area to gather more screws, tools or fittings when you’re on a job. 

The Active Workwear Range

Here at Active Workwear, we stock a variety of different workwear trousers for you to browse if you’re looking for high quality, durable and affordable Woman and Men’s workwear trousers. The products we supply come in a variety of sizes, materials and applications, depending on the job you do. We currently stock a range of assorted brands, including Blaklader, Snickers, Result Workguard and Apache workwear trousers. Our Blaklader work trousers come at prices ranging from just over £29 through to just over £130, depending on the type of work you do and the additional features you require. If you look at all our products, for instance, our Apache workwear trousers or our Snickers work trousers, you will see that they come in a variety of colours and materials; some materials being hardier than others, and some being manufactured for lighter jobs. You can choose the colours based on the specific branding of a company you own, or you work for, for added professionalism.

Purchasing workwear trousers is a no-brainer if you’re a professional contractor; the comfort, flexibility, support and extra utility (tool slots and screw/ nail/ fitting pockets) are all benefits that can aid you in completing a professional job safely and comfortably whilst on site. Choosing quality Woman and Men’s Work Trousers means you’ll be working for longer and have peace of mind that the clothing you’re wearing is suitable and will last. You can check out our range of Workwear Trousers here at Active Workwear.

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