5 Uses for High Visibility Clothing

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5 Uses for Hi Vis Clothing 

Although hi vis clothing is often seen as a specialist form of dress, one of its most impressive qualities is its adaptability. The reflective properties of hi vis clothing - most often found on jackets - can also be found in other styles of wear including overalls, gloves and even shorts.

While we specialise in hi-vis workwear here at Active Workwear, there are many circumstances in which wearing hi-vis clothing can come in handy - whether to meet health and safety regulations on the job - or just for leisure purposes.

Here are just five uses for this vibrant and versatile style of clothing:

Construction sites

Full of potential hazards, such as steep heights and unwieldy equipment, construction sites are often dangerous locations for builders and site engineers to work in, hence why it is vitally important that site workers are visible at all times for their own and others’ safety. That’s why hi-vis clothing is so regularly worn by builders. Handily, hi-vis shorts are also available for builders working outside on those hot summer days.

On the railway

Hi vis clothing first came into use in the United Kingdom in 1964 as an experimental form of protection for railway workers, and the concept of railway workers wearing hi vis overalls to be spotted by passing trains has continued ever since. With engineers often working in all weathers and the dead of night to keep train services running, waterproof hi vis coveralls are perfect for keeping them warm.

Public services

Whether it’s chasing a criminal, saving a life or fighting a blaze, visibility is often vital in an emergency situation.That’s why our police, ambulance and fire services often wear hi-vis when performing their civic duty, not to mention council workers fixing potholes or emptying the bins. With its authoritative and reassuring presence, a hi vis jacket lets people know that work is being done for the public good.


Taking up less space than a car, cyclists and motorcyclists are often forgotten presences on the road, leaving them potentially vulnerable to accidents if they can’t easily be seen. For that reason hi vis safety vests are a common sight on a cyclist, a cheap solution that keeps them in drivers’ sight and minimises the risk of them getting into an accident. Some motorcyclists even wear hi vis gloves, bringing the added benefit of helping them keep their grip.


Even for those not on a bike, hi-vis clothing is excellent at keeping pedestrians safe by the road. Runners needing to stay visible during a late night jog might consider wearing hi vis trousers or other accessories.

It just goes to show that although it’s considered workwear, hi vis is great for recreational purposes. If you’re interested in learning more about our hi vis clothing and its variety of uses, why not get in contact with us here at Active Workwear today?

No doubt we’ll have the right workwear for you.

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