Five Reasons to Buy Blaklader Workwear

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When you’re looking for workwear garments, Blaklader workwear is hard to beat. Whether you work in a workshop with grinding sparks flying, on a muddy building site or outside in cold biting winds, Blaklader workwear’s resistance is designed to protect you when you work in exposed environments. That’s why we here at Active Workwear are proud to offer Blaklader’s extensive range of clothing.

As Blaklader’s clothing range is so impressively large, we can’t possibly cover it all in this blog. However, we can explore the types of clothing that they offer as part of their range that we find particularly distinctive or useful. Here are just five types of Blaklader workwear that we recommend you investigate further:

Shirts and tops

Blaklader’s range of shirts and tops is impressive. If you’re looking for a more informal shirt you might consider one of Blaklader’s informal two-colour pique work polo shirts. However, these may leave you a little exposed in colder weather! Handily, Blaklader also produce an excellent set of thermal tops made from 70% merino wool. With an extended back to keep your kidneys warm, these tops will keep you cosy even in particularly chilly environments.


Blaklader work trousers are laudable for their versatility.  For those worried about nails lying around, these trousers can be supported with Blaklader safety boots which are available with aluminium or steel toecaps.




One of the most distinctive ranges in Blaklader’s workwear offering is Blaklader’s anti-flame clothing, specifically designed for those working in intensely fiery environments. Blaklader’s grey/black anti-flame overalls boiler suit comes with a huge number of pockets while also offering knee protection. These are ideally supplemented by Blaklader’s work belt with a rubberized buckle, or a pair of heat-resistant Blaklader safety boots.


It’s all well and good having the right clothing but Blaklader know that they’re only so useful without the accessories to back them up. For that reason, it’s worth taking a look at Blaklader’s accessories. Along with hat choices such as fleece lined beanies and logoed baseball caps, Blaklader also provide more practical accessories such as deerskin lined work gloves for craftsmen dealing with specifically sharp tools. No matter how dangerous the tool, these gloves will have the toughness to keep your hands safe.

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You can see that here at Active Workwear, we have an enormous variety of Blaklader workwear to choose from. Whatever style, colour or size of clothing you’re after, we have a filter facility to help you find the exact product you want. If you have any questions regarding our Blaklader workwear, please get in touch with us via our contact page or via our online Facebook chat facility. We would be delighted to help you find the work garments you need.

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