Common Construction Hazards to Avoid This Year

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Regardless of your role in the construction industry, construction site safety is something you need to be aware of every day when you head to work. The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, and there are thousands of injuries each year at these workplaces. Some of these injuries can go on to have an impact on your quality of life for many years to come, which is why it’s so important to make yourself aware of building site hazards to avoid. Here we’re going to look at some of the most common construction site safety considerations you should keep in mind this year.

Moving Vehicles 

Moving objects and vehicles pose a huge risk for construction site safety. These vehicles often move without looking around as much as they should and travel at greater speeds than are recommended. Heavy machinery such as diggers and lifting equipment is the norm on construction sites, which often leads to accidents or someone is run over. To avoid issues with moving objects and vehicles, ensure your employees wear high visibility Portwest coveralls and Portwest workwear, which will help them to be seen even in low visibility. Employees should always be aware of their surroundings and should try to take safe pedestrian routes where possible.

Working at Height 

Working at height is one of the top reasons for the majority of incidents and deaths within the industry. On far too many building sites across the country, proper precautions are not taken on a daily basis to secure workers when they are working at higher levels. Before any new employee on your team starts work, they should be fully trained on the safety concerns they need to be aware of. Risk assessments are crucial for site managers, who can then ensure that harnesses are worn on top of their Portwest clothing when working at height. Working at height should be planned in advance so that the correct equipment and support is available at all times for your team.

Avoiding Slips and Falls 

A slip or trip can happen at any time while at work, however, construction safety reports show these happen more regularly in this industry. While you may think a slip or trip is only a minor injury, this can also lead to a breakage or a severe injury to your arm, leg, or back. As a construction site manager, you will be responsible for ensuring there are no hazards for your team. Your team should also be encouraged to report any hazards and near misses to their leaders. Try to remove any obstacles and minimise the uneven surfaces you may have around your construction site. On top of that, ensure your team’s Portwest workwear isn’t too long, as this can present a trip hazard. They should be wearing appropriate footwear, which can reduce the chance of stubbing their toe while walking around the site.

Lifting and Manual Handling 

Construction is an incredibly physical job, and given the type of work involved when working on a construction site, the chance of injuries from lifting and manual handling increases. While technology has certainly improved over recent years, you’ll still find that there’s a high number of injuries that come about as a result of lifting materials that are far too high for someone’s body weight to handle. Training is critical for new employees to make them aware of the potential risks of their job and to help keep them informed about hazards on your particular construction site.

Injuries from manual handling can come in many forms. These include twisting and strains, which can come about as a result of awkward movements. Lifting heavy items too often can put a huge strain on your back over time, resulting in injuries that are hard to manage for the rest of your life. Bending down regularly can also result in the same issue. Posture is another consideration that is so often overlooked by employees. After working in a very physical job, it’s important for employees to always stretch and look after their body after a busy day. Rest and sleep are incredibly important to encourage your teams to get enough of. When employees are tired, this is when the majority of injuries happen. Make sure your team aren’t putting themselves at risk by being too exhausted to be aware of building site hazards.

These are just a few of the most common construction hazards to avoid this year. With the growing number of injuries on construction sites, managers and employees need to be aware of the risks they are putting their bodies through each and every day at work. Many of these risks can be minimised with proper planning and good PPE, and Portwest workwear is one of the best ways to protect you and your staff at work this year. Their range of PPE is of the highest quality and will offer your team members PPE that fits perfectly to avoid any further construction site safety hazards. 

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