What are the Best Types of Shoes or Boots for My Workplace?

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When it comes to choosing appropriate shoes and boots for your workplace and employees, no two environments have exactly the same needs. With so many options on the market today for work boots, it can be difficult to know which would be the best option for your team. PPE boots come in a wide variety of designs today, all of which offer different features and benefits for users. The type of shoe you should opt for will be dependent on your working environment and the tasks you undertake on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at the top features you should consider when selecting new Portwest safety boots this year.

What are the Best Types of Shoes or Boots for My Workplace?

Waterproof Footwear 

When working in the inclement British weather, waterproof footwear will come in handy throughout the year. Waterproof boots and shoes are designed to keep feet dry and warm during the day, as they’ve been specially treated to avoid water seeping through. The shoes will usually feature a waterproof membrane that is built into the shoe, or the fabric itself will be waterproofed to avoid water entering the boot.

Electrical Hazard Boots 

If you are working with open electrical circuits of less than 600 volts and in dry conditions, electrical hazard boots are always a good option. These are ideal for anyone who works within engineering or maintenance roles.

Slip Resistant 

Employees in almost any industry today should look for slip-resistant shoes, and any pair of high-quality Portwest safety boots will be equipped with this feature. This can help to avoid slips and falls at work, which is especially important in restaurants, manufacturing plants, and hospitals. Look for work boots with a larger surface area, as these will generally be more slip resistant.

Conductive Shoes 

For anyone that deals with flammable liquids and gases on a daily basis, it’s always recommended looking for shoes that will protect you from static electricity. However, it’s important to note these boots can’t be worn in areas with open circuits, and you’ll want to find shoes suitable for areas with electrical hazards instead for this type of work.

Warm and Insulated Footwear 

On top of looking for waterproof shoes, you’ll want to try to find warm and insulated boots that will keep your feet comfortable even during the winter months. There’s nothing worse than working outdoors all day long on a building site in the winter months with frozen feet, so look for boots with a high level of insulation for this time of year.

Steel Mid-Sole 

Puncture resistant shoes are crucial for any workplace where sharp objects such as screws are regularly used. Look for boots that have a mid-sole made from flexible steel, as these will stop anything sharp from coming through to your foot.

A Good Range of Sizes and Widths 

When it comes to choosing new work shoes or PPE boots for your employees, look for a product that comes in a wide range of sizes and widths. If you are trying to find shoes that everyone will wear as part of their uniform, you’ll find that Portwest boots offer sizes to fit all of your team’s needs. Men’s work boots should come in multiple widths so that everyone can wear them to work every day without feeling uncomfortable or creating more of a safety hazard.

Toe Protection 

Toe injuries are one of the most common injuries today in workplaces, primarily due to sharp objects being dropped onto the toes. A metatarsal guard will protect your toes and the metatarsal bones in your foot. Most manufacturing and building sites should use this type of work boots, as they’ll offer a good level of protection should something be dropped from a height onto your foot. Look for a steel toe for the best protection in this area, and check the amount of protection your new pair of shoes will offer.

Alternatively, alloy toe caps have also become increasingly popular in recent years. These are a little lighter than steel toe caps but still offer similar benefits. Composite toes are an option for any companies that can’t have metal on their uniforms when travelling through metal detectors each day. They weigh about 30% less than steel toe caps but offer the same protection for your toes while working in hazardous conditions.

No two workplaces will have the same requirements when it comes to safety shoes or boots. When you are purchasing a new pair of Portwest boots, you’ll find a label with the full information regarding the specifications of the shoes you’ve selected. By looking for a combination of the features listed above to suit your needs, you’ll ensure that you and your employees are protected every day, even when working in the most hazardous environments or working conditions. 

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