How to Curate the Ideal Fire Retardant Workwear Outfit

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Whether you’re fighting fire or working in an environment that poses an extreme risk to your workers – due to high temperatures or proximity to fire sources – ensuring that you and your team are appropriately dressed to prevent injury is of vital importance. By scrimping on the workwear choices for your company, you can jeopardise both the safety of your workers and its reputation within the market. You can even end up breaking the law.

That’s why – here at Active Workwear – we’ve created this handy guide for the ultimate fire-retardant kit for your team. Practical and affordable, these products will ensure that you can concentrate on the job at hand, without having to worry about extraneous safety issues.

Blaklader Anti-Flame Hi Vis Safety Work Vest with Zip 

A staple piece in any uniform – whether you’re working in construction or engineering – these hi-vis vests are great for slipping over your uniform to ensure that you are both visible to cars and protected from any nearby flames.

Opting for a zip instead of traditional buttons means that this vest is easy to slip on and off, saving you time when moving from job to job.

Blaklader Flame Retardant Hi Vis Waterproof Work Trousers

Whether you’re a painter or a construction worker, having a pair of these waterproof work trousers to hand will prove incredibly useful. With a myriad of practical features, such as openings for nail pockets, reinforced knees for support and adjustable leg openings, you can carry out your day’s work in comfort and safety.

Blaklader Multinorm Anti Flame Thermal Top

Perfect for layering beneath your hi vis safety work vest, the thermal multinorm top is ideal for overnight jobs, ensuring that you stay temperate whatever climate you have to work through. Its smart, streamlined design of these fire-retardant shirts will also convey an impression of professionalism for your team whilst they protect themselves from fire hazards.

Blaklader Multinorm Anti Flame Hi Vis Toolvest

Keeping everything to hand couldn’t be easier than with the donning of this toolvest. Finding fire-retardant clothes that are also practical and allow for the storage of your immediate tools can be difficult, making this Blaklader product a must-buy for anyone who works with hand-held equipment.

Blaklader Multinorm Anti Flame Sweatshirt

As we go back into the colder months towards the end of the year, layering becomes a priority – especially for those working in the evenings or through the early hours on a site. Fire retardant sweat shirts will help you work confidently no matter the weather. The material of the sweatshirt solidifies with heat, providing permanent flame protection.

Contact us here at Active Workwear today to discuss kitting out your company in the latest and greatest of fire retardant clothes on the market. The garments we have for sale from the Blaklader brand are specifically made for construction, engineering and decorating professions, ensuring that you can work optimally whilst being reassured of your safety and that of your team.

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