Why are Tool Vests so Useful?

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When it comes to keeping all your tools close to hand while you’re on the job, you can’t look much further than a good tool vest or tool belt. Tool vests can be extremely helpful accessories, no matter whether you’re a floor layer, an electrician or any other type of skilled manual labourer working on a project. That’s why we are proud tool vest suppliers here at Active Workwear aiming to help our customers stay equipped while they’re hard at work.

Wearing work tool vests or work tool belts while you’re on site can offer the wearer many advantages in terms of utility and comfort, some of which you might not expect. But what are some of those advantages? Below, we look to explain a few of the reasons why it is a great idea to invest in a tool vest of your own.

Tons of pocket space!

As you would expect, tool vests offer the wearer access to a greater number of pockets than they would find on their usual work clothes. Work vests such as Blaklader’s work tool vest comes in a waistcoat style and boasts multiple pockets, including a breast pocket designed to hold your mobile phone along with reinforced nail pockets. By wearing the right tool vest, you’ll increase the number of tools close to you, saving you time.

Available in various sizes and colours

Tool vests are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Many of our tool vests are available in a range of sizes with colour choices including black, grey, cornflower blue and red. Other tool vests produced by the likes of Snickers contain a stretch fabric and integrated inside expander which can make it even more comfortable to wear. All these options will allow you to find an option which suits your size and individual style.

Suitable for specific occupations

One of the benefits of work tool belts are that they are not only suitable for general use. There are many leather tool belts designed for specific occupations such as carpenters and electricians. What’s more, these tool pouches can be attached to your belt so you will always have your tools at hand wherever you are on the move.

Designed for awkward tools

While tool vests are great for carrying smaller accessories such as nails, they are not always great for awkwardly shaped pieces of equipment such as that old favourite, the hammer. Handily, in such circumstances you can get specific flexi hammer holders to make keeping hold of your hammer a cinch.

Contact us!

Here at Active Workwear we aim to be specialist providers in tool vests and work tool belts. If you’re looking for a specific type of tool vest or tool belt that you can’t find on this page, please do get in touch with us via our contact page. We will help you to find the item you’re looking for as best we can, or suggest a suitable alternative if necessary.

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