Is now the time to replace your high visibility clothing?

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Even the most highly trusted, designed, and manufactured safety equipment in the world, won't last forever. 

Safety workwear will need replacing overtime to ensure that it is still adequate for the job – keeping you safe while at work. 

If your workwear is starting to look more than a little worn or is no longer safe to wear, it's time to shop around. 

Is now the time to replace your high visibility clothing

Hi-vis vests are one of the biggest pieces of workwear safety items for trade professionals. 

However, to help keep hi-vis workwear performing, it needs to be maintained, and this is one of the areas to consider when looking at how often you should replace your hi-vis vests! 

High visibility clothing 

Hi-vis clothing is essential on construction sites and roadside maintenance projects. 

Ultimately it is designed to improve your overall visibility to others, which is perfect if you're working in dark or low light settings. It allows vehicle operators and drivers to see you much clearer. 

When it comes to high visibility clothing regulations, the Health and Safety Executive sets out very clear guidelines and regulations surrounding the use of PPE, including the suitability of hi-vis workwear. 

Designed in fluorescent colours such as yellow, orange, green, and even red, hi-vis clothing items also boast retro-reflective strips. 

Snickers Workwear is renowned across various sectors for its wide range of hi-vis workwear pieces. 

Highly durable, as well as comfortable, the Snicker's high visibility range is second to none. 

This range is one of our most sought after from hi-vis trousers to waterproof work jackets and their most popular snickers workwear hi-vis vests – all available online to order. 

Ensuring maximum safety on the job 

Typically, hi-vis clothing will last approximately six months based on standard usage.  Of course, it can last longer if it's not worn daily, or those working in extreme and hazardous conditions may find that it lasts less than six months! 

Ultimately, the length of the garment's performance can be affected considerably by the industry and the job role. 

At all times, wearers should start to look for wear and tear.  Checking that it still meets all ANSI visibility standards (the high visibility clothing regulations). 

It's important to check if your item of workwear: 

  • Has faded, i.e., the fluorescent fabric has discoloured and became dull in its appearance. 
  • Is damaged, especially if the reflective strips have become damaged or worn. 
  • If the fluorescent item of workwear is no longer visible from a distance (1,000 feet is the recommendation). 
  • Is excessively dirty, and you can no longer clean it to a high standard. 
  • Is ripped in various places, or 
  • Is no longer comfortable. 

You need to feel safe, secure, and overall, confident in your safety gear. 

If you have any doubts over your hi-vis workwear effectiveness, it's probably time to change. 

Keeping your safety gear in good condition 

Hi-vis clothing is an essential part of trade people's personal protective equipment – but it doesn't last forever. 

Replacing it when you need to not only keep you looking smart, it also keeps you safe and protected. 

To help keep your hi-vis workwear in tip-top condition and last longer, check out some of our top tips below: 

  • Store all hi-vis clothing out of direct sunlight (sunlight will make the colours fade quicker, reducing its effectiveness). 
  • Keep your clothing clean.  Ok, we know on construction sites especially, this isn't always possible but wiping and removing dirt at the end of each day will help to prevent dirt from building up. 
  • Don't squash your clothing into the smallest of spaces.  It puts additional stress on the garment's fibres, making them break down faster. 
  • Wipe down in between full washes to help extend the lifespan of the garment. 
  • Always check the label.   Not all high visibility clothing is suitable for a machine wash, so it’s important to follow the instructions so as not to diminish your clothing's high performance.  Some hi-vis workwear items will detail the maximum number of times the garment can be washed before its reflective strips are no longer effective. 

Note:  Different brands and products will have different guidelines for keeping your safety gear fully compliant, and it’s important to abide by these at all times. 

If now is the ideal time to replace your hi-vis vests and other workwear items, check our full range online. 

With everything from winter jackets to high visibility vests all from some of the most trusted brands around – why go anywhere else? 

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