Why cold protection workwear is essential

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Working outside in freezing temperatures isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it has to be done. 

Ensuring that you have the right and the most suitable PPE for winter protection is vital. 

Why cold protection workwear is essential

Staying protected helps to support you against cold and wet conditions as well as hazards that can occur as a result. 

This post explores the reasons why workwear for cold protection is important and how you can protect yourself further with clothing designed for even the most extreme cold temperatures. 

Effects of Cold Weather 

Cold weather and a drop in temperatures can affect different individuals in different ways.  We all react differently to changes in our environment, and hence our bodies will respond differently, too. 

It's important to be aware of some of the main health issues extreme cold weather can cause; such problems include: 

  • Frostbite 
  • Frostnip 
  • Chilblains 
  • Cold urticaria 
  • Immersion foot 
  • Hyperthermia 
  • Trench foot 
  • And more! 

        Protection against the cold 

        Fortunately, you can protect against the cold and still get on with the job at hand. 

        The most effective, as well as quickest way, is to choose your workwear carefully. 

        Things like gloves, hats, fleece jackets, and thermals should not be underestimated! 

        Of course, depending on your job role and in the industry sector in which you operate, when choosing the most appropriate workwear, you must also check out its protective properties too. 

        PPE for Winter 

        PPE is a part of everyday life for some sectors; however, PPE changes slightly during the winter months. 

        Personal protective equipment provides protection and safety, but it also needs to ensure freedom of movement. 

        With an increased risk of accidents occurring during the winter months, standards and regulations should be followed at all times. 

        The most popular winter PPE protection comes in the form of hi-vis clothing.  With natural light limited during the winter months, hi-vis protective clothing becomes an essential part of a person’s workwear. 

        Offering the right level of protection but also a high level of safety. 

        Eye protection should also not be forgotten. 

        As well as lined and fleece boots, gloves, thermal long john pants, and tops – eyewear in cold weather conditions is equally important. 

        Items such as anti-fog protection, as well as glasses that offer tinting due to the combination of snow and sun. 

        The Law 

        It's important to be aware that there is currently legislation surrounding zero protection and extreme cold weather clothing, with standards and regulations being set as guidelines and minimum requirements. 

        These standards include: 

        EN342 – this standard focuses on the three main temperatures - -5, -25, and -40, with four parameters broken down into: 

        A:  Thermal insulation properties with motion 

        B:  Thermal insulation properties without motion 

        C:  Air Permeability (breathability of a garment) 

        D:  Waterproof penetration properties 

        EN343 – is the standard that outlines required protection that should be taken in extreme rain, with an added element relating to safety.  These elements can be broken down into: 

        X:  Water penetration resistance 

        Y:  Breathability 

        EN471 – refers to hi-vis clothing and can be an essential piece of workwear, helping to save lives.  This standard is rated in three classes, with the level of clothing protection increasing as you move through: 

        Class 1 – the basic level of protection 

        Class 2 – intermediate level of protection 

        Class 3 – clothing that is designed to provide maximum protection. 

        Cold weather protection from Active Workwear 

        Renowned brand Blaklader clothing offers the ultimate workwear items for extreme cold weather protection. 

        Items within the Blaklader winter protection range include the Blaklader lined rugged winter jacket. A jacket that provides thick, warming, piled lining, a high collar, pre-bent sleeves, and extended back.  This jacket certainly offers it all. 

        Then there’s the extremely popular Blaklader hi-vis waterproof and windproof winter parka. 

        This quilt-lined jacket boasts breathable fabric, all waterproof and windproof, secured with taped seams!  What’s more, it’s also certified according to the EN471, EN20471, EN342, and EN343. 

        Blaklader winter knee pad trousers with braces are also water and windproof, offering the ultimate cold protection.  These particular trousers are also following the EN43:3 standard protection against the rain and the EN342 protective clothing against cold. 

        The Blaklader waterproof winter hi-vis overalls with knee pad pockets and chin guard offer the ultimate cold weather protection.  Ideal and most suited to road and construction workers, craftsmen, and fishermen. 

        These overalls have a wide range of properties and cover all key certifications. 

        Active Workwear is a proud supplier of all workwear for cold protection from a range of big-name brands, including Blaklader. 

        To find out more or to view Active Workwear's range of products suitable for you, visit our cold product workwear pages today. 

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