What are the Types of Work Trousers

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Workwear comes in a variety of forms! While at work, you need to wear something that is durable, comfortable and helps you easily perform your activities. However, you also need to ensure that the clothing protects you from the risks and hazards present in the workplace.  So, merely choosing any apparel to wear at work may not serve the purpose. Wearing jeans and t-shirt may not be an ideal option especially when you are in an industrial workplace, you need work trousers for safety. The workwear you choose to wear also influences your speed, productivity and efficiency.  

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The type of workwear will depend on the work environment, whether you are working in a warehouse or a factory. To know the right trousers to wear at work, you need to have an idea of the available options. Here are the common work trouser types – 

Cargo Trousers: 

With reinforced pockets, durable fabrics and belt loops for tool storage, cargo trousers are an ideal option for on-field workers. The pockets in trousers can be used to store necessary tools, tape measures, pencils and other small tools required for the job.  Some cargo trousers also come with additional knee reinforcements that are useful for workers who need to kneel on the ground while working. Commonly, there are 6 pockets in a cargo trouser, two in the back, two in the front and two on the side. Most of the cargo trousers come with rear tear released fastened pockets, hammer loop, reinforced belt loops, entry bellow pockets and more.  

Combat Work Trousers 

Combat work trousers are a modified version of cargo trousers. They are designed to provide excellent storage to workers. These are primarily used for workers in non-protective industries. They are made from high-quality materials and are super durable.  Better solutions to standard combat trousers, these new age combat trousers are designed for longevity. 

Holster Trousers 

In some occupations, workers need to carry a lot of tools around. They not only need a tools belt, but also large size pockets to hold tools and other items.  Holster trousers are the best option for these workers. They have heavy duty pockets that work as an easy carry for multiple items. As these trousers are made from heavy-duty fabrics, they are durable and do not rip off due to the weight of the tools. 

High Visibility Trousers  

Visibility is an essential factor for workers in the construction industry. High visibility workwear is flame retardant too. They are also known as work trousers for outdoors. These are a must for workers who need to work outdoors in the dark, in low light areas or at dawn. These are recommended for workers working on airports, railways, road and building repairs.  These trousers are made using a combination of materials like cotton and polyester. Sometimes, these trousers are worn over regular trousers. You can also find high visibility trousers that are windproof and waterproof. These trousers are sewn with reflective materials to ensure visibility. 

Browse through the different types of protective trousers and choose the best one that suits your job! 

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