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Choosing Helly Hansen Base Layers Renowned for their innovative design and durable workwear solutions is the global brand, Helly Hansen. 

Designed to bring fashion and technology together, Helly Hansen clothing is perfectly apt for those working on the land, sea, and the mountains. 

Helly Hansen workwear range

Worn and trusted by professionals, the apparel is developed from real experiences across all of these situations. Continuously improving and introducing innovations to workwear based on these real-life experiences and feedback, is what Helly Hansen does best. 

One such innovation is the LIFA Stay Dry Technology.  Preventing the moisture from touching the skin and letting the body breathe while keeping you warm at the same time. 

What HH Lifa means for workwear 

Introduced as part of the Helly Hansen Lifa base layer collection, the fibres used in the fabric of Lifa technology help to manage moisture while revolutionising clothing for outdoor wear! 

For those working in harsh external environments or whose job is primarily outdoor-based, these base layers provide the ideal solution.  With technology blended with merino wool (to create the Helly Hansen Lifa Merino), the HH warm collection has something for everyone. 

The technology used is designed to keep those wearing the clothing comfortable and ultimately warm.  


It’s all in the fibres. 

As soon as moisture becomes present, the fibres used in the base layers automatically move it away from the skin, moving the moisture through the layers and evaporating into the air - helping to keep those working outdoors feeling dry and warm at all times. 

HH Workwear Range 

Helly Hansen workwear is designed and manufactured pragmatically.  Keeping craftspeople protected from the cold, ventilated at all times, and above all warm and dry! 

It is these qualities and this down to earth approach that has allowed the brand to remain as a leading workwear name around the world. 

Here at Active Workwear, we offer a wide selection of Helly Hansen workwear collections.  Workwear that is suitable, protective, and nonrestrictive. 

The premium workwear and Lifa base layer collections can be found below and purchased online through our site. 

Lifa Headwear 

With the Lifa Stay Warm technology as standard, balaclavas and neck gaiters in this range offer maximum comfort and complete warmth.  Built for high activity on cold days, stay warm with the insulated beanies and balaclavas now available. 

  • HH Lifa Max Balaclava – 79710 
  • HH Lifa Max Beanie – 79708 
  • HH Lifa Merino Neck Gaiter – 79706 
  • HH Lifa Merino Max Neck Gaiter – 79709 

Reflective Safety Tops 

HH worktops with Lifa Flow Technology also come with reflective bands around the body, sleeves, and shoulders, covering all safety aspects when on site. 

The Stay Dry Technology used in the tops provides a professional level of performance and moisture management, making these lightweight base layers the perfect addition to all workwear clothing. 

With the Stay Dry Technology keeping sweat away from the skin, you can stay warm and dry while you get on with the job at hand. 

  • HH Esbjerg Polo – 75036 
  • HH Esbjerg t-shirt – 75035 

Workwear Lifa Pants 

With no shoulder or side seams, these work trousers are ideal when working outdoors in low temperatures.  With the freedom of movement making them the perfect fit, these base layers keep sweat away from the body while ensuring you stay warm. 

  • Helly Hansen Lifa Pant – 75505 
  • Helly Hansen Lifa Max Pant – 75508 
  • Lifa Merino Baselayer Thermal Long John Pant – 75506 

Lifa Workwear Tops 

The Stay Warm Technology in the HH workwear tops provides maximum comfort for working.  Highly insulative this collection helps to keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather. 

With some pieces within the collection sporting a 2-layer construction, check out the 100% merino wool exteriors combined with the Lifa Technology interiors. 

  • HH Lifa Crewneck – 75105 
  • HH Lifa Max Crewneck – 75108 
  • HH Lifa Merino Crewneck – 75106 
  • HH Lifa ½ zip – 75109 
  • HH Lifa Max half zip – 75114 
  • HH Lifa Merino half zip – 75107 

Make sure your workwear is not only up to standard, but that it also offers you what you need it to.  With an extensive collection to choose from, stay dry and comfortable throughout your working day with leading workwear brands you can trust, from workwear site you can rely on.

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