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Creating professional workwear for over 140 years, Active Workwear stock a wide range of Helly Hansen work gear to suit all craftsmen and all trade types.  

helly hansen jacket workwear

This particular brand continues to use their own experiences to develop new and innovative pieces of clothing and is now a firm workwear family name, with the Hansen brand worn and trusted by professionals on oceans, mountains, and worksites! 

With flexible, durable, and versatile clothing, that protects against all elements, the Helly Hansen brand and collections have certainly grown over the years. 

Working in the great outdoors 

Bringing science and fabrics together is what Hansen does best. 

Putting their experiences and knowledge to the test, Helly Hansen produces heavy duty work gear that is suitable for all outdoor conditions. 

For example, creating oilskin jackets and trousers, Helly Hansen uses manufacturing processes that soak coarse linen in linseed oil, allowing for every garment to come with elite insulation and warmth profiling. 

This oil-based technique is now also an industry standard.  Proving its worth and also paving the way for more advanced industry standards to be developed upon. 

Outdoor products you may find in this range include the Helly Hansen Aker Insulated Jacket, 73251, with reflective elements and pull string hems; the Helly Hansen Aker Winter Jacket, 71351, providing the wind and rain protection needed for any outdoor work; and the Helly Hansen Aker Winter Boot WW, 78313, fully lined and insulated, keeping the warmth in and letting you get on with the job at hand. 

Taking their brand a step further and thinking about labourers and those trades that are continually outdoors, Helly Hansen soon developed the fibre-pile fleece.  Keeping craftspeople protected from the cold but still well ventilated at all times! 

With built-in shields to keep the bitter cold from getting in, these pieces of workwear have been designed to keep you warm while not being restrictive while you work. 

The pragmatic nature of Helly Hansen workwear is why to this day it remains a leading global brand around the world. 

Jobsite ready with Helly Hansen clothing 

When on construction and building sites, you want, and need, workwear that is highly suitable and protective.  Letting you get on with the job while protecting you from the external elements. 

Helly Hansen is premium workwear, with quality continually built into all pieces. 

There are several Helly Hansen pieces and collections to suit not only different crafts but also individual styles. 

Pieces such as: 

Helly Hansen Workwear Trousers 

With a varied selection to choose from depending on what it is you require and how they are being worn, you could opt for: 

  • Helly Hansen Aker Work Pant, 77400 – these workwear trousers come with knee pad pockets, reflective strips and pockets to house a whole host of tools. 
  • Helly Hansen Cotton Cons Pant CL, 1-76486 – With a flexible waist, a broad belt to hook numerous tools and equipment too, these pants are both durable and reliable. 
  • Helly Hansen Alta Construction Pant, 76496 – With pockets galore, these pants also have reflective bands and are durable yet lightweight for wearing. 

Helly Hansen Workwear Fleece 

The fleece is what Helly Hansen is most well-known for due to their unique fibres and their manufacturing processes.  Items within this range can include: 

  • Helly Hansen Addvis Fleece Jacket, 72171 
  • Helly Hansen Fleece Jacket, 77155 

Both designed and manufactured using temperature regulating technology. 

Helly Hansen Thermals 

Of course, no outdoor craftsmen will be unaware of thermal workwear clothing.  Required for the harshest of weather and the most extreme environments, Helly Hansen thermals provide complete protection all year round. 

Items such as the Helly Hansen Lifa Baselayers  are a very popular item sold by Active Workwear, the Helly Hansen Alna Winter Parka, 71395 all form part of this collection. 

The Helly Hansen workwear online shop can be found on our site at Active Workwear.  Offering you an insight into one of the biggest workwear brands out there today. 

All at affordable prices, stay protected on site with workwear you can trust. 

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