Hand Protection

Our hands are probably the most used appendages we have, they are our portal to the world; they allow us to interact with the world around us, ensuring we can do the work we need to do, be it manual labour work or intricate work on a construction site or a workshop floor. Beyond work, our hands are vital for the simple everyday tasks we need to do to survive; that’s why, at Active Workwear, we want to give you the best protective gloves on the market, so you can protect these important tools that we couldn’t live without. Whether you need high visibility work gloves, safety gauntlets, welding gloves or workwear gloves to protect the user from adverse weather, we’re sure to have what you need right here.

Our current range varies in price from £0.98 all the way through to £231.00, depending on the product, its use and the quantity you wish to purchase; an important consideration for you is that we do supply a large range of our products in bulk as well as individually, saving you, the consumer, time and money when you’re purchasing this vital piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our protective gloves and safety gloves, whether they’re Click latex gloves or Snickers gloves, are of the highest quality and are durable through extensive use across a variety of different jobs.

Keeping colleagues and employees safe from harm by providing them with PPE is vital for a smooth-running and protected work environment; in this case it is with safety work gloves. So, if you’re looking for leather gloves, cut resistant gloves or welding gloves, you’ve come to the right place; if you unfortunately can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to contact us directly for assistance.