Portwest Innovative Workwear From Active Workwear

Portwest Workwear From Active Workwear

Portwest is a global manufacturer and innovator of workwear, safetywear and PPE. Established in 1904, Portwest is the fastest growing workwear company in the world with a global distribution network and customer service staff in over 130 countries. Portwest is a family owned business and continues to be managed by the 3rd generation of the Hughes Family. Innovative production and design by an in-house team of experts lies at the heart of the Portwest advantage.

Employing over 4,500 people worldwide, Portwest has a team of world class designers who specialise in flame-resistant and high-visibility workwear, hand and foot protection, PPE and wearable technology. Market leaders in safety, Portwest’s award winning team is constantly researching the latest trends and innovations which meet and exceed customer’s needs.

Portwest’s 700 page catalogue is available in 28 languages and features 1350+ safety styles making Portwest a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all safety requirements.

Portwest own four ultra-modern factories in Bangladesh (x2), Myanmar and now Ethiopia, giving full control over their exceptional quality, lead times and ethical sourcing. Portwest’s reputation for technical know-how, rigorous implementation and attention to style and detail is well proven. Consistent colours, fabric qualities, good fit and competitive pricing are taken as a given by customers.

Sales offices in 6 global locations (UK, USA, Australia, UAE, Ireland and Poland) and customer support staff in 130 countries ensure unrivaled customer service is never far away. In addition, Portwest has 6 international warehouses (Ireland, UK, USA, Australia, UAE and Poland) with a line fill rate of 97% guaranteeing excellent stock levels at all times. Portwest give a no risk proposition in an industry where safety is paramount.

Portwest clothing at Active Workwear

Based on the Westport of Ireland, Portwest clothing has grown over the years to be one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of workwear worldwide – and indeed one of the most popular workwear brands we stock at Active. 

Specialising in protective clothing and staff uniforms, Portwest designs cover hi-vis clothing, safety footwear, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), flame retardant coveralls, and much more. 

Some of our most popular pieces include the: 

Portwest jacket, in particular, the contrast traffic jacket.  With two contrasting colours to make wearers more visible, this jacket is also suitable for all weather conditions. 

Portwest boots are another firm favourite due to the range and availability.  From steel toe caps to fleece-lined trainers and waterproof safety boots, with Portwest, the choice is vast. 

Portwest trousers have always been a popular choice not only due to their extensive range but also due to their affordable prices. 

Check out our full range HERE. 

A family affair 

A global business with roots firmly in Westport, Ireland.  Portwest first established its brand back in 1904 when Portwest's owner Charles Hughes opened its first-ever retail shop.  Mr. Hughes's nephew later joined the company and kept the business going until his retirement in 1988. 

Proud of its heritage and its background, Portwest grew over the years as a successful wholesale distribution business alongside Westport clothing, now more popularly known as Portwest. 

Expanding from selling drapery and footwear to today standing proud as a multi-million-pound business and a global leader in PPE and safety workwear. 

Establishing itself as a household name, Portwest is more than well known in the workwear, gloves, fire safety clothing, full protection industries, and more. 

No small fish 

Portwest is still today, managed by the Hughes family alongside their other strong, thriving businesses and groups. 

They are the largest serving manufacturer and wholesale supplier of protective workwear in the world! 

A company with a stronghold in 4 continents, 120 countries, with 6,000 employees on its books and supplying over 3,000 workwear distributors and retailers – including Active Workwear – Portwest isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. 

Setting themselves apart 

What really makes Portwest different from its competitors? 

  • They only sell directly through distributors – you can't buy products from Portwest direct. 
  • Their product range is continually updated, making them the one-stop-shop for workwear. 
  • They boast over 1,000 different product lines. 
  • Their product range covers PPE and safety equipment/products. 
  • All products are independently tested and conform to all required standards. 
  • They control their own manufacturing process, so they are continually on top of quality control. 
  • They work with global experts who design, manufacture and test the highest quality PPE and protective workwear clothing. 

Portwest has remained the market leaders due to continually improving their products and processes over the years -they have never rested on their laurels. 

A brand that offers the most extensive choice, the most comprehensive range, and the biggest range of styles and sizes to the workwear industry – Portwest is a brand that offers it all. 

Portwest also takes this a step further and goes above and beyond their standard products by offering custom made workwear.  Designing and manufacturing clothing items to your exact specifications.  Portwest encourages customers to get in touch so they can continually stay abreast of market developments and changes in workwear needed in order for the job to get done. 

A company that continually produces high-quality products ranging from PPE for chemical, rain, heat, visibility, and cut and cold protection, Portwest workwear is practical and functional and comfortable and stylish. 

Suitable for wearers in factories, railways, power plants, construction sites, oil platforms, lorries, laboratories, farms, manufacturing plants, and more. 

Check out Active Workwear's full Portwest collection HERE. 

Why choose Portwest workwear? 

Not only is it hard-wearing, protective, comfortable, and stylish, but it is also affordable with quality 100% guaranteed within each item. 

Portwest has a global presence, so you, as their customer, benefit from quick distribution and competitive prices. 

Their products are designed and manufactured from information provided by their customers who work in the varying conditions and environments. 

Using state of the art manufacturing processes as well as some traditional methods, Portwest controls all aspects of their design and manufacturing processes – quality is continually built-in. 

Portwest is renowned for producing the best in efficiency and comfort. 

They continually invest time and money into research and development to continue to meet the demands of modern-day business and job roles. 

Offering quality, value, and exceptional customer service, Portwest listens to its customers and takes on board all feedback to continually improve their product ranges. (For example, clothing with pockets suitable for mobile phones have been updated to suit the now more larger style phones and tablets.  Radio loops are now included on many styles to hold radios and gas detectors easier, both clothing and footwear now come in bigger sizes, and UV protection is now provided by the fabric and tested where applicable.) 

Portwest workwear also meets all British and European health and safety standards and holds several accreditations for their high-quality standards. 

Portwest clothing includes: 

  • Gloves 
  • Jackets 
  • Trousers 
  • Helmets 
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Boots 
  • Flame protection 
  • Cold protection 
  • Arc protection 
  • And more! 

Workwear designed to last 

Active Workwear is a proud distributor of the Portwest workwear brand range. 

As a family-run business specialising in protective clothing for industries, Portwest has more recently started introducing retail products for outdoor leisurewear to cater to everyday walks of life. 

From safety footwear, protective gloves, hard helmets, and more, some of our most popular products include: 

  • Portwest Bakers Trousers 
  • Portwest Softshell Bodywarmer 
  • Portwest Food Industry Boiler suit 
  • Portwest Standard Warehouse Coat 
  • Portwest Windproof Fleece Jacket 

If you're looking for a brand that can offer you value for money and high quality matched with the first-class service, look no further than two of the most trusted names in the workwear industry – Portwest and Active Workwear. 

A recognised brand you can trust 

When it comes to protective workwear that is durable, stylish, and great value for money, Portwest ticks all of these boxes and more. 

At Active Workwear, we aim to be your single source for workwear, PPE, and protective clothing and equipment. 

We will only stock quality products from some of the world's leading brands – brands we trust and brands that guarantee quality and safety. 

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Products are distributed throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. 

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