Projob Workwear - Premium Swedish Work Wear clothing from Active Workwear

Projob Workwear - Premium Swedish Work clothes from Active Workwear

Projob Swedish Workwear


Whether it's the protection from the rainfall on construction sites or the need for comfort when delivering parcels on the road, our workwear is engineered to withstand any conditions on the job.


Workwear should withstand the toughest conditions. We use strong, proven materials in our clothes and subject them to rigorous scrutiny.

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Through our sustainable approach and commitment to high-quality garments, we thrive to be a dedicated and uncompromising contributor to the future of workwear.

At Projob, we take the environment and ethics very seriously. Environmental considerations are followed throughout the manufacturing process and delivery.

Projob places high demands on its suppliers in terms of manufacturing techniques, materials used and discharge of waste.

Our suppliers have to adhere to the restrictions laid out in the Swedish Textile Importers’ Association chemical guide.

They must also ensure that their subcontractors strive to reduce their use of virgin materials, discharge of non-natural materials, waste, air emissions, energy consumption and water consumption.

ProJob is a new and innovative workwear brand with a lineage going a long way back. We reach new heights by keeping in touch with the ground. 

Our clothing is made to protect and support the everyday workers who are helping to build a better tomorrow. When we look back on what is now the future, we hope to say we were in the right place and the right time for making a difference.

Projob Workwear Trousers including decorators and painters trousers and High visibility trousers.

Mens Work trousers

Projob is a high quality Swedish Workwear brand that is diverse across many different sectors. They provide premium functional and ergonomic workwear with the user in the forefront of their mind.

Projob Hi Vis Softshell Work Jacket (Wind & Waterproof) Class 3 - 646412 -

Hi Vis Jackets - Projob

Projob 2017 Cotton Tee shirt Long Sleeved Crew Neck -642017
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