ATS Technical Lightweight Fleece Mid Layer Workwear Top with ¼ Zip Neck



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    Incl. VAT: £17.99
Incl. VAT: £17.99

Enhance Your Workwear with Apache ATS Technical Lightweight Fleece Mid Layer Top - ATSTF

Upgrade your workwear with the Apache ATS Technical lightweight Fleece mid layer top - ATSTF. This versatile garment offers a perfect blend of functionality and comfort, making it an essential addition to your work wardrobe.

Key Features:

  • Performance Fabric: Designed with a performance fast-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Breathable: Ensures proper airflow, preventing overheating during strenuous work.
  • Fast Wicking for Comfort: Keeps moisture away from the skin, offering maximum comfort.
  • Thumb Loops on Sleeves: Provides a secure fit and added hand coverage.
  • Bonded Zipped Arm Pocket: Offers secure storage for small essentials.
  • Reflective Detail: Enhances visibility in low light conditions for added safety.
  • ¼ Zip Neck: Allows for easy ventilation and temperature control.

Whether worn between layers or on its own, the Apache ATS Technical Fleece is a highly comfortable and practical mid layer garment suitable for a range of work environments. Elevate your workwear game with this reliable and stylish top.

apache techcnical mid layer fleece , ats , 3D softshell apache industrial from Active Workwear, Leeds