Active Workwear Guide to EN397 - Industrial Safety Helmets (Hard Hat)

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Active Workwear Guide to EN397 - Industrial Safety Helmets (Hard Hat)

Arguably the most important area to protect is your head. Without conforming head protection, an object falling onto a person's head can do serious damage and potentially even kill. All helmets sold by Active Workwear conform to EN397 and some exceed this stand in the case of the JSP sky worker helmet which also has side impact protection for working at heights EN12492 standard as do some of the Centurion Nexus range of helmets available from us.

EN 397 is the standard that Industrial Safety helmets are tested to. This standard covers:

Impact Protection:

For impact protection a series of impact tests are carried out using a fixed head form, with a falling mass striker. A 5kg weight is dropped onto the helmet from 1 metre, the force transmitted through the helmet is measured using the load cell beneath the head form, and recorded onto a graph. For a helmet to meet the requirements of EN 397, the maximum transmitted force, after suitable signal conditioning, cannot exceed SkN. This test is performed on multiple helmet samples, following pre-conditioning to high temperature, low temperature, water immersion and UV ageing.


For penetration the helmets go through a similar test as the impact procedure. A 3kg weight with a pointed cone is dropped from a height of 1 metre, however instead of measuring the transmitted force, the assessment is based on whether the weight makes contact with the head form underneath the helmet. As with the impact testing, the test is carried out on multiple helmets after the pre­ conditioning to high temperature, low temperature, water immersion and UV ageing.

Design Requirements:

Helmets have requirements for the design of the helmet in addition to specific performance requirements. These normally encompass the area of coverage provided by the helmet, as well as the field of vision afforded to the user when worn. Sometimes there are requirements for issues such as clearance between the head and the shell of the helmet.

Chin Strap anchorage:

EN 397 requires that either the helmet shell or the helmet harness is fitted with a chin strap or gives the ability to attach one with anchorage points. Any chinstrap supplied must have a minimum width of 10mm when un-tensioned and be either attached to the shell or to the harness. The strength of the strap anchorage should be able to hold the helmet to the head but not cause a strangulation hazard.

Active Workwear are a UK based distributor and retailer of head to toe protection workwear that works. We stock Scott Safety Helmets, Click B Safe hard hats, visors, JSP Evo lite skyworker helmets, hard hats, bump caps, Portwest safety helmets, and hard hats, bump caps and more. Thermal helmet liners are a must for winter use to be worn under the helmet in cold weather.

We offer a range of products to suit all trades and every safety requirement; some of these include the Construction Industry, Health and hospitality, Painter’s and decorators. We also stock and source an increasing range of work and safety clothing from the World’s major Brands including Snickers Workwear, Blaklader, Apache and Dewalt.

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