The best coveralls and boiler suits around

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Overalls, coveralls, or boilersuits – the workwear that provides you with the right level of protection and comfort so you can get on with the job at hand. 

The best coveralls and boiler suits around

But is there a difference between the three items of workwear clothing, or ultimately do they all provide the same function? 

Boiler Suits

Originally the name boiler suit was thought to be associated with those workers that fixed and worked on coal fired boilers. This may be partially correct as boiler suits are extremely practical and cover a person’s entire body. Boiler suits in this capacity prevent soot from getting onto clothing and skin, especially around the waist. During this time, boiler suits also provided a high level of safety as the workwear couldn’t get caught or snagged on anything while sometimes climbing in and out of these boiler rooms. 

These advantages and benefits are still applicable today when wearing boiler suits; however, maybe just in a slightly different work environment! 


Look the same as boiler suits, and primarily they are the same; however, coveralls are slightly different in that they are designed to be a little more flexible and standard, placed over regular clothes, coveralls help protect your everyday clothes from becoming damaged or getting dirty. 

Fire retardant overalls and coveralls

Fire retardant overalls can be very specific to your job role and the industry you operate in. This is because there are various standards to overall/coverall classification, i.e., the garment may have heat resistant properties, anti-static elements, or be resistant to chemicals, for example. 

Most suitable workwear for chemical protection

Chemical protection workwear helps to prevent chemical burns to the skin, causing severe injury. 


Portwest coveralls – Inherent flame retardant, anti-static FRAS Moda flame (to be precise). The fibres used in this fabric include flame retardant materials that don’t combust, are difficult to ignite, and will self-extinguish. Blended with cotton and carbon fibre, this particular coverall also offers incredible strength and protection against electrostatic discharge hazards. 

And the: 

Portwest flame retardant multi-norm FRAS coverall – perfect for the demands of the petrochemical industry, this coverall offers flame, heat, splash, iron, electric arc, chemical, and anti-static protection! It also boasts a high collar and studded flaps on the pockets to increase protection.  

This jacket not only offers the ultimate in safety and protection; it is also affordably priced! 

Waterproof coveralls are also available. Such as the Portwest winter Hi-Viz waterproof contrast coverall. This coverall provides a quilted liner offering extra warmth and has a protective coating to help keep your body dry against wet weather conditions – a great way to protect your clothes and you. 

Best boiler suit in town!

Representing excellent value for money and a boiler suit that keeps you clean when no other dangers are present, the Portwest boiler suit, hi viz Iona, offers it all. 

Safety and comfort both come as standard with this boiler suit, including kneepad pockets, action back, stud adjustable cuffs, hi vis reflective tape, and more! 

However, if standing out in the crowd is needed, look no further than the Portwest hi-vis polycotton boiler suit. In fluorescent yellow, this suit is perfect for those working near busy roads, motorways, etc., with heavyweight fabric and a rugged design that ensures this boiler suit lasts! 

Coveralls and boiler suits are generally manufactured from a blend of cotton and polyester. 

Providing the elements of durability and breathability, with polyester helping to make the garments abrasion resistant too. 

Choosing the best boiler suit, overall, or coverall for you all depends on the level of protection you need. You need to choose your workwear based on your exact specifications and include all relevant safety ratings. 

Note: We’d advise checking all sizing and considering buying a size bigger than you usually wear if you plan on wearing these items over your regular clothing. 

Active Workwear is proud to be a distributor of the world-renowned Portwest brand, where safety workwear is always of the highest standard and quality. 

Make sure you check out our full range online today. 

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