What is Multinorm Clothing?

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Multinorm workwear is a unique niche in the personal protective equipment industry – one that allows workers to be protected against multiple occupational hazards at the same time.  

Multinorm Clothing

What are some of the most important things to know about multinorm work clothing, and what are some of the essential products Blaklader provides in this specific niche?  

Multinorm Clothing – The Basics  

In very brief terms, multinorm clothing is workwear designed to provide multiple levels of protection. As opposed to work clothes that only conform to a single EN spec, multinorm workwear is capable of offering protection in a broader range of situations. 

Workers frequently use this type of work clothing in industrial operations (e.g., offshore oil rigs, for example). As it comes with multiple protective properties, this kind of workwear is usually more expensive than standard PPE (personal protective equipment) – but it is also a better option in a variety of situations too.  

Blaklader Multinorm Clothing  

As one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers in the personal protective equipment industry, Blaklader has designed a series of multinorm workwear pieces that are perfect for those of seeking unmatched quality.  

Here are some of the most popular Blaklader multinorm clothing items:  

  • Blaklader 6368 Multinorm Winter Coverall. This piece is ideal for workers who face hazardous work environments (both indoor and outdoor). The coverall protects against foul weather and cold, as well as heat and flames – and it comes in a design that can make the world of a difference in low-light conditions and environments where anti-static clothing is essential. Oil rigs and petrochemical facilities are just two of the examples of work environments where this multinorm piece of clothing would be a perfect fit.  
  • Blaklader Multinorm Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt has a timeless look and is designed to protect workers against heat and flames along with powerful anti-static qualities. It can be used successfully both in petrochemical environments and in workshops as well.   
  • Blaklader 2168 Multinorm Hood. Workwear isn’t all about trousers and sweatshirts – sometimes, smaller accessories like this one can make the difference. This hood is manufactured to withstand harsh weather, heat, flames, as well as protect the worker in low-visibility environments. It's an excellent accessory for anyone working on off-shore rigs, refineries, factories, or petrochemical environments. 
  • Blaklader 1828 Multinorm Briefs. Designed to be both comfortable and safe for those involved in welding operations, forges, and workshops, these anti-static briefs are meant to protect against heat and flames.  
  • Multinorm Trousers.  These trousers belong to one of the latest collections released by Blaklader and are designed to be amazingly durable and extremely lightweight. They are made from fabric that's naturally flame retardant, the knees are reinforced with Cordura denim and Kevlar, and they come with pockets that are easy to reach. 

Of course, these are just some of the Blaklader multinorm clothing pieces. There are many others meant to suit a wide range of workers in a large variety of situations. Whatever piece you may choose for you or your workers though, you can rest assured that quality, comfort, durability, and safety are characteristics of all the Blaklader multinorm workwear.  

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