Calling all workers – it’s cold outside!

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It’s now that time of year where temperatures are known to fall, and the cold is inevitably ready to set in. 

But, falling temperatures can make for severe and hazardous working conditions, posing several risks to workers, such as the increased chance of frostbite, hyperthermia, and more.

For industrial workers, work doesn’t stop just because it gets cold. So, protecting yourself and your employees becomes vital. 

Calling all workers – it’s cold outside

There is a solution! 

Active workwear has a range of EN 342 cold protection workwear, offering the best in high visibility, rain resistant, and flame-resistant clothing. 

With the EN 342 certified range, you can be assured that your workwear gear offers the highest level of protection against some of the coldest environments. 

Here to protect you in all weathers 

EN 342 is a European standard that is given to certified clothing that has been tried and tested to the very highest of industry standards, guaranteeing to offer the wearer the ultimate protection against the cold. 

Why you should look for the EN 342 standard: 

Clothing designed and certified to this standard is guaranteed to protect you in the coldest of environments, and we mean the coldest. With the protection offered in temperatures ranging from -5 right down to -40! 

However, for this certification to apply, other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must also be considered, and thermal layers must be worn. 

The four parameters of the standard include: 

A – Thermal insulation properties with motion. In these instances, the higher the thermal insulation value, the better the insulating properties the garment will have. Limiting the amount of cold air passing through the material and reaching the body. 

B – Optional thermal insulation properties, without motion. As the title suggests, this is an optional test that shows if a particular item has been tested with thermal undergarments and without any motion factored in. 

C – Air permeability. It is designed to show how breathable your clothing is (1 indicating the highest and three the lowest). Those items of workwear with higher breathability capabilities can provide less heat loss and a proper dry – keeping you warm and comfortable at all times. 

D – Waterproof penetration properties. This is not often a big requirement in cold working conditions; however, it is an excellent “nice to have” element. 

Portwest workwear that has been EN 342 certified proves to consumers that its performance has been tested to the limits when protecting industrial workers from cold environments, reaching below -5. 

Offering the best workwear – providing the best protection against the cold 

As an industrial worker, you need practical workwear that not only protects you but keeps you warm. 

The qualities to look for in EN 342 certified clothing include: 

  •  Those that keep you dry 
  • PPE clothing such as gloves and hats (to avoid further heat loss) 
  • Those that have been tested to the highest industry standard 

Portwest clothing is also adequately sealed and tight in all the right places. For example, around the wrists, etc. to stop water and cold air from getting in. 

Our top EN 342 cold protection workwear 

  • Portwest Boiler Suit – with fabric that offers high performance and top-quality protection, matched with the ultimate comfort. 
  • Portwest Rain Jacket – practical, durable, and exceptional value for money. A classic rain jacket, suitable for the wettest of weather conditions. 
  • Portwest Antistatic ESD trousers – designed for safety and comfort, these trousers are an ideal fit for those working in the electronics industry and component handling. 
  • Portwest Windproof Fleece Jacket – designed with a microfibre windproof lining, this jacket provides you with a snug feel without being too bulky. 
  • Portwest Cold-Store Jacket – offering unrivalled protection, this jacket provides extra flexibility, complete warmth, and high visibility (with its reflective strips) for workers. 
  • Portwest Bizflame Plus Jacket – with high vis also included this jacket guarantees flame resistance for life, with certified protection against molten metal splash as well as radiant, convective, and contact heat! 

    Active Workwear 

    We work and stock some of the leading workwear brands from around the world. Brands who are leading the way in innovation and including the latest technological advances into their workwear clothing ranges. 

    For further details and information on the best workwear to keep you warm this winter, visit Active Workwear’s product ranges online or call us on  0113 256 7021, we’d be happy to help! 

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