Stay Warm in the Workplace Over the Christmas Period with Active Workwear

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Sixty years ago, trying to keep warm while working on a building site entailed putting on a thick donkey-jacket supplied by the company, and a woolen balaclava, supplied by mum. Thickness equated to warmth, and within minutes of strenuous activity one could feel the perspiration trickling down inside your work shirt.

Thankfully those days are long gone, and modern work-wear is designed to be smart, lightweight, and functional, retaining the ability to keep the elements out, and body heat in. For those early mornings and nippy days, a range of lightweight workwear jackets and workwear fleeces are available. Ideal for drivers who are in and out of the cab, as well as warehouse, factory floor, and outside workers, they allow unrestricted movement while keeping body temperature up. With attractive looks, and stylish appeal, workwear jackets and workwear fleeces are ideal for both men and women.

Again suitable for both men and women, workwear pants and workwear trousers are available in a range of different styles and colours to suit. From denim to poly-cotton, to cotton and canvas, workwear pants and workwear trousers are available with kneepad pockets, nail pockets, kneepad and holster pockets, or standard trousers. With their good looks and modern design, workwear trousers project a professional and reliable image for those dealing with members of the public.

Whether you want gloves to just keep your hands warm, or for specific personal protection purposes, Active Workwear has a large range of hardwearing workwear gloves. All brands marketed by Active Workwear have to comply with safety legislation EN388. Workwear gloves for all areas of industry are available including gauntlets for working with chemicals, needle proof gauntlets, and vinyl disposables for those who suffer latex allergies. 

While we’re talking about PPE, a range of workwear hats are available including hard hats, compulsory on all building/demolition sites in the UK as well as a host of other industries. Again, with the emphasis on functional, but in modern, trendy styles, workwear hats include reinforced beanies, baseball caps, fleece lined beanies, baseball caps with ear and neck protection, and a baseball style cap which doubles as a knee pad. Whether you require safety protection in your headgear, or just want to keep out those cold north winds, workwear hats can provide something to suit. 

If, after kitting yourself out with these fantastic winter warmers, you still feel a nip in the air, perhaps it’s time to go a bit deeper, and look at workwear thermals. Workwear thermals are suitable for both men and women, and ideal attire when working in the colder climes, exposed sites, or just when the winter weather hits the minus numbers. From thermal socks, to thermal vests, and thermal woolen tops, to full long-johns, no matter where you work, or what your occupation, you can be sure of a warm feeling inside, while all around you are feeling decidedly chilly.


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