Blaklader Workwear Trousers, Jackets work wear

Blaklader Workwear Trousers and Jackets

The name Blaklader Workwear aka blacklader,blakadder,blackadder, has become synonymous with high quality, practical industrial workwear. The company was started making workwear in 1959 and has grown to become the leading company in Sweden in this area.  blaklader vs snickers

The goal from the beginning has been simple – Blaklader accessories and workwear are built to last. The company is so confident of that that they give a lifetime guarantee that the seams won’t come apart. As long as the seam hasn’t been ripped, they will repair the garment for you. 

Blaklader Craftsman

There are conditions; naturally – they consider the garment’s lifespan to be while it is still useful. If it has been washed so often that it is naturally starting to come apart, then you’ll need to fix it yourself.  

They are proud of producing a quality workwear product, and so test both the raw materials and finished product for quality. They look for materials that will resist wear and tear, pulls and rips, and that won’t shrink or bleed colour.  

They adhere to the ISO 9001 quality management system and are certified in accordance with this international standard.  

They have honed their manufacturing process so that it adheres to ISO 14001 standards in terms of environmental management. This means that the process is as kind to the environment as it can be.  

They are known for clean lines and practicality. They pay high attention to detail and ensure that every item has a useful function. They use the best suppliers in terms of thread, zips and fabrics to make sure that your item lasts as long as possible.  

They are in complete control of all the production processes and own their own manufacturing facilities. That allows for better quality control and greater compliance in terms of international standards.  

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To reduce the costs to the consumer, their manufacturing facilities are based in the Far East. They do, however, have a strict policy that no child labour may be used and are very strict about maintaining this policy. 

They believe in having an open-door policy when it comes to their manufacturing facilities. If anyone would like to test the validity of his or her claims about child labour, or manufacturing standards, they are welcome to visit the facilities themselves.  

Overall, this simple Swedish brand has become world-acclaimed because of its quality and now exports to several countries worldwide.  

Size Guide 

They do recommend measuring carefully and checking their sizing charts before ordering any of the items, and the Blaklader trousers in particular. With all the various sizing standards internationally, what is considered large size at Blaklader UK may not be seen the same way in the States, for example. 

That’s why it is extremely important to take your measurements before placing an order with their distributors.  

Here are the guidelines that they suggest you follow: 

Start with the Chest Measurement 

You will take this measurement at the widest part of your chest or bust. The measuring tape should be pulled taut but not so tight that it cuts into your skin. Do keep it level around the back to get a more accurate measurement.  

 The Waist Measurement is Next 

Women should measure themselves at the point where the waist is narrowest, where the natural waistline falls. Men should measure around about their navel. Children should be measured at navel height as well.  

Again, keep the measuring tape nicely taut and make sure that it is held in a straight line across your back.  

Now for the Hip Measurement 

Find the widest part of the hip and take that measurement. This is the same area for men, women and children.  

The Inside Leg  

This is one of the most important measurements if you need to wear kneepads in conjunction with your gear. Getting this measurement wrong would mean that the kneepads might be in the wrong position to optimally protect your knees.  

You will no doubt need someone to help you with this measurement to ensure that it is accurate. It would be better if you take the measurement from the crotch to the ankle.  

Should I Choose a Slightly Bigger Size?  

It might be tempting to choose something that is a little roomier, but that might not always be the way to go. If you are going to order something a little bigger, make sure that there isn’t a huge difference.  

Product Origin 

All the products are designed in Sweden. The designers have the brief that everything must be functional first and foremost and of the best quality. To this end, the designs are usually tweaked in accordance with client feedback. 

Also, if there is promising new material or process that has been developed, the team will consider the value of incorporating it into the design.  

Textiles and materials are sourced from reputable dealers with a reputation for high quality and fair trade practices. The company conducts regular tests on all materials supplied to ensure that they meet the exacting quality standards.  

All materials are tested for shrinkage and colour fastness before they are processed. This ensures that the garment does not shrink when you first put it into the wash.  

Also, while it’s never a good idea to throw your grimy work gear into your regular washing, you don’t have to worry about the colours running in the wash either. The company does recommend regular washes as this enables you to use lower temperatures during washing.  

The lower temperature wash is kinder on the environment and the fabric as well.  

As for the actual making of the products, the factories are in Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The lower labour costs in these countries make it possible for the goods to be produced at a more affordable rate. That said, the company does have a policy of ethical manufacturing. 

This means that the factories are run with as little impact on the environment as possible and that the staff working there are treated as fairly as possible.  

The company monitors every stage of the process to ensure that they produce the best quality items consistently.

When it comes to comfort and protection, Blaklader workwear garments are tough to beat. This workwear is excellent at keeping workers protected when exposed to the elements, making it ideal for early mornings on the railway, muddy building sites or the flying sparks of a busy workshop. Here at Active Workwear, we are proud to stock Blaklader’s wide range of products which are capable of helping in any working scenario.