Snickers Workwear From Active

Snickers Workwear From Active

Snicker trousers including snicker trousers with kneepads, holster pockets, next generation 6 series snickers trousers and tops from Snickers Workwear


Snickers Workwear offers advanced workwear garments for craftsmen who want the ultimate in on the job safety, protection and functionality in their workwear. Snickrs work wear, sniker, snicrs.

Snickers have a constant focus on developing and offering the ultimate work wear for professional craftsmen and women.

Their product development department works closely with craftsmen in Europe to explore present and future needs for highly functional work wear with the best comfort and long durability.

Snickers delivers more than 1000 orders every day to more than 7000 dealers in Europe. As Official UK Suppliers we stock and import on a daily basis to keep up with demand.

Snickers Work Trousers


Whether you want a particular style, colour or size - we have a filter facility to help you find your exact pair of work trousers.

If you have any questions regarding your requirements, please use our online facebook chat facility.

Workwear supplied in the UK, Snicker trousers with kneepads, holster pockets, ruff work, lite work, flexi work ultimate workwear trousers from Snickers Workwear brought to you by Active Workwear with Snickers Online

Snickers Workwear for Craftsmen

Snickers Workwear for CraftsmenWhen you gauge the wide range of sizes and styles that Snickers Clothing offers, you’ll be wondering why they have to produce the Next Generation range. Snickers have focused majorly on work trousers, and the company was able to achieve this with some programs that involve product development and market research, in order to meet the standards of Snickers for craftsmen and to know which features they deemed nonessential.  

The results of these programs gave Snickers an insight into what tradesmen find essential, and the functionaries and qualities the work clothes such as the Snickers overall workwearshould have. Even most craftsmen acknowledged Snickers to be their most preferred choice when it comes to workwear, and there was hardly a tradesman who hasn't heard of the functionality and durability of Snickers.   

An Overview of Selected Snickers Product

FlexiWork Rip-stop Trousers 

Most of the research work on the Next Generation range has been invested into producing the most flexible and comfortable workwear produced for craftsmen. In an aim to achieve these features, the Snickers FlexiWork Rip-Stop Trousers are tailored with body-mapped designs featuring a well-ventilated lightweight fabric for freedom of movement. 

These trousers are made with the sturdy Cordura Denim fabric with some reinforcements at the knee region for more durability and protection. The Snickers FlexiWork Trousers have holster pockets that are easy to reach, an ID-badge holder that can be detached and leg pockets. 

FlexiWork Hoodie/Hoody

This Snickers workwear has been manufactured with the three-thread fabric material for extra comfort, and the Snickers Hoodie has the MultiPockets patented by the company; which is placed on the sides of the garment. These MultiPockets come in handy when you need to keep your mobile phones and glasses. These pockets also have a Guided Wire System which can let you keep your audio cables safe while you listen to music as you work. 

This Snickers Hoodie is made with 20% polyester and 80% cotton, and reinforcements have been made to the elbow region for extra protection and durability. 

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4254 Toolvest Canvas 

This Snickers Toolvest has been reinforced with versatility; it gives easy access to essential working tools without difficulty at any time. The stretch fabric and wide shoulder straps in the back of the vest allow for more working comfort and smooth movement. 

This toolvest has an integrated inside expander that allows it to be expanded and worn over a jacket with ease. Additionally, the reinforcements to the Cordura breast pockets now have a knife fastener, a mobile phone compartment that can be easily accessed and a detachable ID-badge holder. The Cordura front holster pockets have been reinforced with tool loops for extra durability. 

6073 Service Overall

Pull this lightweight and durable Snickers overall workwear on for freedom of movement and excellent fit. It is made with a lightweight fabric while maintaining durability for protection and comfort that will last a long time. 

The Snickers overall, features front pockets and chest pockets that allow you to reach the pen compartments with ease for extra convenience.

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