5 Ways Dewalt Work Boots Can Protect You While You Work

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One of the most forgotten areas of our bodies during our working lives is our feet, but without our feet, we would struggle to do many of the physically exerting jobs required on an active work site or on a shop floor. Here at Active Workwear, we supply a range of different work boots, but today we will specifically be focussing on our Dewalt range of work boots, made by a company founded in 1923, that has been manufacturing high-quality workwear products for just under 100 years. Their expertise in creating high-quality, affordable workwear products places them in a prime position to protect you as you go about your work.

Protection from Impacts

Working with heavy materials can be dangerous, especially when they’re being moved from different locations very quickly. Wearing a pair of steel-toed Dewalt Safety Shoes can protect the delicate bones in the foot and toes from serious permanent damage through breaks, as well as ligament strains from impacts. Protecting yourself from these dangers can keep you working for longer.

Protection from Punctures

As well as protecting from blunt impacts, these thick soled shoes can protect the wearer from impalements when standing on something sharp like a nail, or from punctures from above from sharp falling objects. Soft-soled shoes generally don’t protect from these dangers, which is why Dewalt Safety Boots are the prime solution to working safely on a construction site or on a shop floor; having thick leather covering your feet can go a long way.

Slips, Trips and Electrocutions

Being able to protect yourself from spilt liquids with a strong shoe tread is something which Dewalt products like the Dewalt Rigger Boots and the Dewalt Waterproof Boots pride themselves on. A deep thick sole with a defined tread can work towards preventing avoidable accidents from spills in the workplace. What’s more, thick soled Dewalt footwear, depending on the product purchased, can protect the user from dangerous electrocutions through the non-conductive rubber material they are made from.

Workplace Strains and Weariness

Having to walk around a work site, being regularly on your feet without a lot of rest can be wearisome on your ankle joints and your feet as a whole. Wearing comfortable, strong-soled Dewalt Boots, be it for qualified worker boots or Dewalt apprentice boots, can protect your joints from long-term strain injuries, as well as allowing you to work harder for longer as the strain on your ankles and feet is relieved somewhat from the comfort of Dewalt work boots. 

Protection from Harsh Climates and Extreme Weather

It is often the case that work on a construction site is undertaken outside, which can mean rainy, cold or icy and snowy weather. Being able to keep your feet warm and dry can protect you from sores that can develop from the skin softening due to being damp. What’s more, it simply provides a level of comfort for a worker as he is going about his day. The support that Dewalt Work Boots provide for yourselves or your workers can safeguard you in both the short and long term when handling harmful climates and environments.

Here at Active Workwear, we aim to supply only the highest quality products to our customers, that’s why we trust the Dewalt brand to deliver this to you. If you would like more information on the Dewalt products we supply, please click here to browse our range. If you would like further information on the products, or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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