4 Reasons Why Blaklader Hand Protection is Vital for Physical Labour Work

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Our hands are one of the most vital tools and appendages we have; without them we would be able to do very little in regards to simply living, never mind intricate work and manual handling required in the construction, labour and manufacturing industries. Here at Active Workwear, we supply a large range of durable, quality and affordable hand protection solutions for you from a variety of different manufacturers and brands. Today we’re going to discuss 4 reasons why the Blaklader brand of hand protection gloves is one of the most reliable on the market and why they are vital for any physical and construction work.

Durable Materials that Last Longer and are Stronger

Blaklader workwear gloves are specifically designed for a variety of different jobs in mind. The materials that these gloves are therefore made from vary immensely, but they don’t compromise on overall quality or durability of the product. This means that, whether you’re purchasing fingerless work gloves, mesh work gloves, leather work gloves or waterproof protective gloves, you can rest assured that they will last through tough jobs and protect your skin from abrasions, cuts and grazes. Having a pair of gloves that can last and are durable, will save you money in the long term and time in the short term, as you won’t have to regularly replace them and you will be able to work harder for longer.

Grip and Reliability

Having a firm grasp on whatever materials you’re working on can be the difference between being safe or losing a finger; you could potentially have a much worse accident when using heavy machinery and tools. Therefore, you want to purchase a brand of men’s work gloves that can grip materials tightly with little room for slipping, as well as protecting the hand from splinters or other sharp appendages that could be a part of the material you’re working on. Owning and using a pair of high-quality Blaklader protective gloves could end up being the different between having an injury and working safely.

Protection from Harm

Depending on the job you are working on, there could be a variety of way you can get an injury whilst using your hands. Not having a pair of thick Blaklader heavy duty work gloves could be the difference between impaling your hand or finger on a sharp nail or outcrop of material; a pair of workwear gloves could prevent this. What’s more, you could purchase gloves like Mechanic Blaklader Safety Gloves that prevent potentially irritant materials from touching your skin as you work with machinery and cars. The risks on a work site can vary from day to day, but you can go some way towards protecting yourself from them by ensuring you cover your hands before beginning work. 

A Brand You Can Trust

The Blaklader brand has been in manufacture and in use since for almost 60 years, having been founded in Sweden in 1959. They aim to create products that can work seamlessly within your job, keeping you comfortable and making the work easier and safer; their decades of expertise place them in a prime position to fulfil this goal. Their ethos is functionality and the drive to fulfil the needs of a variety of different craftsmen and tradesmen; keeping them safe whilst not impeding their work.

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