Blaklader Shorts Range - The Review

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Do you have the legs to wear shorts? In the heat of summer, that doesn’t really make much difference, does it?  In summer, the key is to keep cool and comfortable, and Blaklader work shorts can help you do exactly that. And they’ll throw in some practical features that you’ll love.  

Blaklader Shorts Range

The whole range of Blaklader shorts features the high-quality workmanship and practicality that the brand has become famous for. All you have to do is to decide which of the range of Blaklader work trousers suit you best.  

With features like reinforced pockets and seams, these are hardwearing work trousers, UK. Also, they are made with you in mind.  


They have an extensive range of work shorts and work trousers to choose from. Choose the whimsically-named Pirate shorts if you need to wear kneepads while working. These three-quarter pants provide just enough length for the kneepads but also allow more ventilation than longer pants.  

The company also shows its innovation with the different models on offer. Have you ever wondered what a Scotsman wears under his kilt? The Garden Kilt design leaves that entirely up to you. Moreover, it is also practical in that it has numerous pockets. 

The other features that make this range popular include:  

  • Reinforced nail pockets to keep those sharp little nails and tacks in place.  
  • Rule pockets 
  • Key loops 
  • Phone pockets 
  • And a whole lot more besides. 

The company uses high-quality cotton twill or polycotton for maximum comfort and durability. Despite the higher cost of these fabrics, the company is able to remain competitive by reducing extraneous features to a minimum and choosing an Asian manufacturer to produce the goods.  

All batches are thoroughly tested to ensure that high quality and consistency is maintained.  

Oh, and by the way, pockets don’t classify as extraneous features. Many of the models have numerous pockets for you to stuff with any gear and gadgets that you like.  

These are also not your grandad’s shorts. These are stylish and have interesting stitching details that enhance the overall look and the durability of the models.  

If you are not completely sure that you want to commit to the shorter length, try the Zip Off Work Trousers instead. These can be worn at full length, covering your whole leg, or you can zip off the lower half to convert them to the shorter length.  

They do have kneepad pockets, reinforced nail pockets and a whole bunch of other pockets to play with as well.  


Are you ready to show off those gorgeous legs for the summer? With this range, you choose how much your leg you want to show. Wear the three-quarter style if you need to hide those knobbly knees, or if you need to protect those knobbly knees.  

Choose the shorter length for maximum ventilation and enjoy making use of all the useful little pockets and additional features. With the key loop and phone pocket, for example, you can make sure that you never leave these vital items lying around again.  

For quality craftsmanship and design that makes sense practically, there really is only one brand to go for. Visit Active workwear and shop for Blaklder work shorts.  

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