Why Wear Chainsaw Protective Clothing? 

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Powerful modern tools like chainsaw are an essential companion of people dealing in tree work! However, these tools are not just powerful; they are dangerous too. It is crucial that a chainsaw is used only by trained professionals. A slight carelessness in using chainsaw can lead to life-threatening injuries. From amputations to partial paralysis, there have been endless cases of people facing severe injuries due to chainsaw accidents. Due to the dangers involved, there is a general agreement worldwide regarding the use of protective clothing for chainsaw users. Known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you need to understand the rules and recommendations applicable to your local jurisdiction. 

A Man Wearing Chainsaw Protective Clothes In Leeds

Whether you are using a chainsaw on the ground or off it, you should make sure you have worn the recommended PPE. Here are few reasons why chainsaw protective clothing is a must – 

  • Protective clothing ensures that the job is done entirely with any untoward event. It prevents accidents. Accidents at sites not only cause injury but also result in loss of time leading to a disruption of schedule. 
  • PPE like helmet protects your face and head from debris flying around due to cutting work. There are high chances of wood pieces or chips flying and rebounding on your face leading to safety risks. 
  • If a workman does not wear chainsaw workwear trousers, it creates hazards for your knees, legs and hips. There are a variety of protective trousers available for chainsaw workers, and you need to choose the one that suits your job and requirement. 
  • Chainsaw protective clothing also includes boots that protect your feet from airborne materials. These materials not only damage uncovered feet but also make it impossible to work. 
  • Wearing protective clothing at work ensures a sturdy and fitting cover for your body. It gives you freedom of movement and ensures that your clothing does not get caught in leaves, twigs or tree branches. 
  • Tools like chainsaw are not only powerful but also make much noise. With ear protection or ear defenders attached to the helmet, it is possible to protect your ears from damage due to loud noise. It reduces the acoustic pressure on your ears so that you do not have to be concerned about noise levels. 
  • Clothing worn as PPE also ensures insulation to heat or cold.  As it is close fitting, it protects the body from extreme temperature. 
  • Not just clothing, protective gloves are also a part of PPE. These gloves have anti-slip properties. It ensures that any tool you hold in your hand does not slip out while you are using it. It is designed to maintain a proper grip on the chainsaw. Gloves also ensure that your hands are protected from hazardous materials. 
  • Wearing ill-fitting or unapproved gear during chainsaw operations can cause irreversible damage to your body. It increases the risk of any untoward accident that can cause lifelong or fatal injuries.


Choosing just any chainsaw protective clothing won’t protect you! You need to ensure that the clothing is certified, marked and approved by the authorities. It should not be used as a last resort; it should be an essential element for any chainsaw worker. 

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