Safety Wellingtons

Our wellington boots are no ordinary boots but specially designed for safety, suiting a variety of budgets and workplaces.

Active Workwear supplies a range of products from the Dunlop B-Dri range, which are Acifort full safety boots, featuring a steel toe cap and midsole protection and made of PVC and Nitrile rubber. Not only are they waterproof, but they are resistant to oil and chemicals. There are a range of colour and size options for this boot, as well as for the Purofort model. This heavy-duty model of wellies can include a whole heap of features and are ideal for the constructions and infrastructure industry. They can offer protection against conditions of between -20°C and -50°C thanks to the steel-tipped toe and Thermo+. They offer resistance to many things, including minerals, animal and plant oils and fats, disinfectants, fertilizer, solvents, and various other potentially harmful chemicals. The Dunlop Acifort Agri heavy duty range offers many of these same properties, specifically designed for use on farms. There is also a ribbed option, offering extra protection of the shinbone.

Also from Dunlop, we also stock basic black waterproof wellies without the safety guards in black, as well as the safety option with steel toe caps. The safety option also includes a steel mid-sole and has many additional features, including an oil-resistant outsole, antistatic properties, and an energy-absorbing sole. Not only that, but they provide perfect comfort and warmth, and also come in green, or white. For added protection, we also offer the PVC Thigh Wader, which is resistant to mineral oils, animal, and vegetables oils and fats, as well as disinfectants and various chemicals. Many of these products include toe protection of up to 200 Joules of impact, with a steel midsole protecting against punctures of up to 1100 Newtons, complying with EN345 Safety Standards.

Additionally, we stock safety wellies from both Blaklader and Dickies. This range includes the Blaklader Neoprene, which is constructed of several layers, providing comfort between 10°C and -35°C. They also include the patented Vibram sole, providing optimum grip, stability and comfort, making this a truly unique choice.