B-Brand ABEK Respiratory Ready Mask - Bb3030



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Incl. VAT: £16.26

B-Brand ABEK Respiratory Ready Mask - Bb3030

• Pre-assembled ready mask c/w ABEK filters
• Face piece produced from soft non-allergic TPE material
• Provides excellent fit to aid with protection
• Low profile design offers improved field of vision
• Soft adjustable straps ensures a perfect fit to a wide range of contours
• Can be fitted with A1, ABEK and P3 filter cartridges.
• Gas filters can be fitted with replaceable pre-filters and retainer adapters.
• Provided filters for protection against organic gases and vapours with boiling point >65c inorganic gases and vapours sulphur dioxide ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives.
• Half Mask Conforms to EN140:1998
• Filters Conform to EN14387:2001