Apache Work Trousers - The Review

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When it comes trousers to wear on site,  you need a set that will work as hard as you do. You need a thicker weight fabric and reinforced seams that won’t tear easily when you brush past a jagged edge. That’s where the comes Apache Work Trouser in.  

Apache Work Trousers - The Review

Apache UK has built a solid reputation for providing practical workwear for those in physically demanding jobs. The Apache work trousers carry on this fine tradition by offering a blend of durability and practicality.  

You’re not going to look like 007, but you could carry all the gadgets that he does easily enough. Also, when you need to be out and about, that’s a lot more important.  


This line of Apache workwear has been expertly designed to be extremely practical. They have used high-quality fabrics, but that’s not the only nod to durability. The inside seams are triple-stitched, and the crotch is reinforced for extra durability. 

The fabric used is a heavy-weight polycotton that is simple to wash and very durable. All the models are lined with moisture-wicking fabric to ensure maximum comfort.  

The numerous pockets on each model are securely fastened and feature either quick release Velcro or zip to make sure that whatever you put in them stays put. The sizes of the pocket range from a simple holster for your phone to a full knee-pad size. 

If you spend a lot of your time kneeling, the Apache Heavy Duty option is likely to suit you best. While all the longer models do include pockets to fit kneepads, these have the added advantage of being thicker as well. The cut is more generous to ensure that you can kneel and get up again quite quickly 

The kneepads can be bought separately and will fit any of the company’s other models as well. Wear the pants with or without the knee pads – depending on what your workload for the day looks like.  

The only option in this range without the knee pad pouches is the APKHT Short. These shorts are ideal for when the weather is warmer, and you can do without the extra warmth of longer pants.  

In terms of comfort, these are not like your favourite chinos or jeans. They are heavier and will take a little getting used to. The fabric is a tighter weave and so is warmer than usual longs. The moisture wicking lining, however, will help to stay dry and cooler during the day.  

In terms of looks, they look like what they are – work pants. They are not winning any style awards, but with all the other great features, who cares?  


The Apache range of workwear is one that has been serving clients in the United Kingdom since 1999. Over the last twenty or so years, they have focused on producing gear that features brilliant British design, practicality, and high quality. 

They have come through for us again when it comes to their trousers. They have enough pockets to make anyone happy – you’ll find a pouch for everything, so you need never forget anything at home again. They can be used with or without kneepads, as you prefer.  

Overall, these are a working person’s pants. They’re tough and durable with features that work well and that aren’t just for show. Also, they come in at a great price. Why even look at another brand?  

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