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Working on site means that you will need to put up with the elements. Work doesn’t just stop because it’s chilly, or even sometimes if it is freezing. In these conditions, you need a work jacket to ensure that you stay nice and warm, and also to protect you from the biting wind.  

Apache Work Jacket

However, industrial workwear is not just for outside use. If you work in a very wet environment, you will need to stay warm and dry. That’s where an Apache work jacket can tick all the boxes. Their jackets combine design excellence with high-performance materials to keep you comfortable and protected.  


Apache has put the same level of care into the design of their jackets as they do all their other workwear. They have earned their reputation as one of the most trusted names in this industry, and these jackets will not disappoint. There are three models that we will concentrate on here. 

The ATS Hybrid 

This is designed to give you additional warmth without weighing you down too much. The soft-shell sleeves make it easy to move and do what you need to do. The quilting ensures that the padding won’t shift, giving you a durable garment.  

The fabric has been made to be breathable and dries off quickly. There are two pockets to use. All the zips are high-quality and anti-snag. The pulls are easy to grip, even with gloves on. 

The ATS Soft Shell 

This is water resistant and provides warmth on a colder day. The fabric breathes well and is lined with micro-fleece to make it more comfortable. There are two pockets that zip closed. The zips used throughout are high-quality and anti-snag. 

The cuffs are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit. The chest detail has been made reflective as a safety feature. 

This garment has an outer shell that is soft to the touch, and that is water repellent.  

The ATS Waterproof 

This is the warmest of the lot and has a fair amount of padding. It is also waterproof. The seams have been completely sealed so that water cannot get in through them. The design comes with a storm hood that can be detached as required. This can be drawn up close around the face thanks to the cord.  

This has two hand pockets and an internal pocket. All are closed using easy-grip zips. The sleeves, hem and shoulder have Aptex panels to improve durability.  


If you want the right work jacket for every occasion, Apache has an option for you. These products have been designed to be practical and hard-wearing. Also, at the same time, they aren’t bad-looking either. Choose the one that suits you best now, or add a couple of different options to your basket.  

Considering the affordable price, and the different features of each of the options, you certainly cannot go wrong. For jackets that work as hard as you do, and that have lasting power, trust the Apache brand and purchase on trusted brand distributor such as Active Workwear. You’ll love the warmth and comfort, especially on those chilly winter mornings. 

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